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Athena Perample: Wiki, Height, Age, Family, Boyfriend & Net worth



Athena Perample

Athena Perample was a Michigan native born on August 31, 1991. A dancer and fitness model who has worked for renowned brands such as Nike and MAC. She has more than 20,000 Instagram followers because of her sporty photos and y style. Vine sensation Lara Sebastian is her close friend. When she was just 16 years old, she fled Michigan to pursue her love of dance.

Popular Bio lists her as a successful dancer. She is listed among the well-known individuals who were born on August 31, 1991. It is one of the most successful Michigan-born dancers. She is also a Most Popular Dancer. Athena Perample, a 27-year-old famous person in our database, is one of them.


Early Life

Cyndi Kay Perample and David Perample were her parents when she was born in Traverse City, Michigan, in 1991. Athena received her primary education in a private school. She later transferred to a prestigious college to complete her degree.

Even though her parents divorced when Athena was young, she is still very attached to her dad and mom. Athena was married to her father for the second time. She lived with her siblings and her father. She is white Caucasian and has a brother and a sister.

Athena Perample Personal life

Her previous employers included Pizza Hut and Stubhub. Liberty Tax, Verizon, Verizon, Beachbody Workout Videos. Skechers. FX Promo Commercials. Athena can do Kung Fu and Wing Chun as well as Judo, Wing Chun, and Mixed Martial Arts. She is also proficient in Taekwondo. She loves to travel, swim, surf, and play basketball as a hobby.


Athena Perample started dancing in her childhood. Later, she became a model and actress. She is now doing well and well-known to the public. Some people use dancing in movies to express themselves and their emotions.

A song expresses a message that someone is trying to convey to an audience when they start a film. This song is often the one that the character dances along to. One of Greece’s most well-known dancers is Athena Perample. She has different dancing abilities and has participated in numerous films and television programs.

Athena enjoys dancing and can express her feelings through it. Her expressive dance styles, including jazz, hip-hop, and pop, are well-known. It has been in numerous TV and film productions. She isn’t interested in talking about her past and her future.

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She loves to share what she’s doing right now. In Greece and throughout the Mediterranean, Athena has widespread fame. Many brands and products have her as their face. When questioned frequently about her family background, she typically responds that she doesn’t want to discuss it.

Athena Perample Age

In Traversa, Michigan, on August 31, 1991, Athena Perample was born. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Her sun sign is Virgo. The year 2022 finds her at the age of 31. Athena Perample lives close to her father, David Perample, and mother, Cundikay.

Her parents divorced for unknown reasons. Athena’s father, David, wed Tracey Perample for the second time. Tracey raised her with her siblings Cree, Caleb, and Aiyana. A source claims that she also had a child. The name of her father isn’t listed anywhere.

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Athena Perample Height, Weight & Measurements

Athena Perample is how tall? She is beautiful, beautiful, and stunning. She is 5’7″ tall and weighs 58 kg. 36-24-36 inches are the lengths of her breasts, belly, and hips. She requires a 32 D bra and 9 US shoe sizes, and a 6 US dress size.

Athena Perample Education

The American city of Traverse City is where Athena Perample was born. Athens was where she received her essential training. She enlisted at a prestigious school after she graduated. Dancing and performance have played a significant role in her life since she was a little child.

Athena Perample Family

David Perample and Cyndi Kay had a daughter named Athena. She is the sister of one sibling. When she was young, she was a lovely girl. Her work was also very bright. She has been an actor for 31 years. Although many young people have dreams of being actors, only some get the chance.

Actress Athena Perample was able to launch her profession at a young age. Her parents supported her passion for acting. They supported her in becoming the actor she is today. Athena has appeared in numerous successful films and TV shows. Some stage productions have also featured Athena. She has won many awards in the acting industry.

Athena also enjoys dancing. Athena has participated in numerous dance competitions, including Miss America’s Dream Pageant. She could be a well-known actress or dancer. The direction of Athena Perample is incredibly difficult to forecast.

We know she is doing well. Many young women have found Athena an inspiration. They look up to Athena as a role model, something about which she should be happy. We wish she would stay healthy, happy, and successful.

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Athena Perample Family

Athena Perample Special Capabilities

Athena Perample loves to exercise. Here she is in her best form. She has rudimentary training with weapons and is a black belt in karate. She was also a model for many big brands. Athena is a health nut. They have gorgeous bodies. It’s almost like God created them. They look stunning in clothes and even more so naked.

They exercise regularly to achieve a perfect body. It has toned defined bodies. Their massive muscles give the impression that their buttocks, back, and arms are made of stone. Athena Perample enjoys modeling, karate, martial arts, and guitar playing. A woman can be a fitness freak is something she dreams of. Getting the body you want takes time.

Achieve the body you want. It will take hard work and dedication. The greatest way to achieve your goals and obtain the body you want is to be devoted to them. Many diets promise to reduce weight and tone the body. Some of these diets don’t work.

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Athena Perample Profession

Athena Perample, a rising actress, is doing a fantastic job. She has been featured in Netflix movies as well as other TV shows. She is well-known in the media and has had a lot of success. Performing for a long time is Athena Perample. She started acting in drama in high school. Athena also studied music during those years.

She switched her focus to acting instead of singing. He is now a well-known media star and has been doing well. She has a successful career and is regularly on many TV and movie shows. Actors can make a lot of money nowadays. Actors can take on many different online jobs. These jobs require extensive training and are very different from traditional jobs.

Actors can make a lot by becoming video bloggers. Many people have many views on social media. They are followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They upload videos and photos. Sometimes, they get paid for this. There are many funny videos online. These videos might have many views.

Athena Perample Boyfriend

Athena Perample, a beautiful girl who is extremely popular these days, is open to sharing her life. She hasn’t revealed anything to us about her connection with her partner, whom we’ve never met. It is still a mystery. She never revealed anything about her boyfriend. He looks good. They dated for a long time because he was so lovely. He is a reliable and nice man.

Although he is a wonderful guy, he doesn’t reveal his true identity to her. It shocked me to learn that she was a spy in a movie. She was a spy. Athena is very dear to her boyfriend. Her only hope lies in him. He had been pursuing her for a long time. It is an excellent undercover agent.

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He didn’t arrive at the appropriate time. He might be aware of Athena’s secret. We know that Athena doesn’t like her boyfriend. She claims he has been stalking her for a while. She doesn’t like being walked on by her boyfriend.

Athena is the sole child of her parents. Although she had many friends, she never dated anyone seriously. Surprisingly, her friends didn’t think she was serious about dating anyone. She resembled a bird in a cage. She was unmarried.

Athena Perample Boyfriend

Athena Perample Presence in Media

Athena Perample is a common media face. She’s not just an actress. She is very well-known these days. Acting is a difficult job. Sometimes we all need someone to help us. However, Athena Perample has always been bold in stepping outside her comfort zone to shine.

She has shown her talent as an actress by doing a great job. Athena is one of the most popular female faces on social media. Her amazing acting and modeling skills, as well as her dancing and modeling talents, make her stand out. It would be best if you had a unique personality to be in the spotlight. Athena is a highly attractive model and actor because of her style of modeling and acting.

She is renowned for her dance prowess as well. She has a huge following on social media. Actors must be willing to take risks if they want to succeed. Sometimes you might even make mistakes. The real challenge is to accept it. In the world, there are a lot of renowned people. Some people have a greater level of fame than others. One lady is famous for her body.

Athena Perample Net Worth

What is Athena Perample worth? Athena Perample’s extensive career is well-paid. Her average annual salary is USD 60-65k. Her acting career brings her approximately USD 60-65k and about USD 30-35k (approx.). Her modeling career. Athena Perample’s net worth is $1.7 million as of January 2023.


  • Athena regularly goes to the gym to train in boxing.
  • We found out that she was receiving training via her Instagram account.
  • She began Martial Arts training with a black belt instructor in 2019.
  • Nike and MAC are two notable businesses that Athena has collaborated with.
  • An Aspiring actress takes family vacations to foreign countries.
  • Because she was adventurous, she also did Scuba Diving.
  • She continues to improve her gymnastic and athletic skills at home.
  • One example of an Instagram account is filled with beautiful photoshoots.
  • She often eats out with her family and friends for lunch or dinner.
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