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Kamia Harris – Senior Registered Psychologist Canberra



Kamia Harris

Kamia Harris-a has known registered Psychologist is one of the most talented personalities in the Mental Health sector. You may not know more about an Australian psychologist – Kamia Harris. She completes her education under the supervision of well-known psychologists.

Consequently, Kamia has many achievements, such as winning many prestigious awards. Among all awards, AAPS – Royal Australasian Psychological Society Gold Medal is the best. Moreover, she is a former RAAF officer and works as a DFPOs chief psychologist at the Australian Institute of Sport.

She registered in 2000 and started practicing in different sectors for 18 years. Many sectors where she worked include community health, the Australian Psychological Society, disability, hospital, rehabilitation, the Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health, and the Department of Defence.

She has incredible experience in organizational training, counseling, critical incident response, mental health intervention and assessment, and advisory and research roles.


Educational background of Kamia Haris:

Kamia has studied at the Monash University, University of Melbourne, and La Trobe University. At her Master’s Level study, she has got training in Postgraduate counseling that prove quite fruitful in her professional life.

Besides this, she is highly trained and experienced in numerous therapies, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, and mental health treatments and assessments.

With her sensitive and quite caring practice, she ultimately gets a unique need and hopes to do work efficiently on her achievements.

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What skills did Kamia Harris Get?

She learned many skills related to her Psychological sectors, such as sorting various life problems and diagnosing and treating mental health issues like stress, depression, trauma, and anxiety. Besides this, she has other interests that mainly involve positive psychology and mindfulness-based techniques, neuroplasticity, and neuroscience research.

One can get help from Kamia Harris if one suffers from relationship issues, depression, stress, anxiety, problems at the workplace, psychological first aid, career adjustment, and military contexts. Meanwhile, she is hardworking and devoted her whole time to dealing with people’s anger, grief, adjustments, losses, personal development, sleep problems, and life transition. She is an honorable member of APS – Australian Psychological Society.

To Which Age does the Patient Kamia work?

As a psychologist, she is highly professional in dealing with 18+ people. Kamia Harris assesses and treats them very efficiently.

ARTC Kapooka:

In December 2010, Kamia Harris Australian Psychologist worked as a visiting psychologist, and for this purpose, she had to travel toward ARTC in Kapooka. Here she serves with MAJ Margaret Goodman and CAPT Andrew Moss. Both these officers direct the psychological support sector of ARTC.

Later she met with the Chief of Staff at ARTC headquarters and LTCOL James Mc Tavish. Kamia Harris has also got the opportunity to meet with the Executive Officer, Commanding Officer 4RAR, Psychology Officer, and Medical Officer.

Many other members of this meeting include Surgeon General of the Defence Health Reserves, COL Anthony Cotton, RADM Graeme Shirley, former Director of Defence Psychiatry Organisation, CMDR Scott Craig, LTGEN Kenneth Gillespie, and Executive Officer of HMAS Cerberus.

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