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How To Remove Reappearing Spots From Carpet?



Remove Reappearing Spots From Carpet

Almost every home has one or more carpets, a worthy alternative to regular carpets or even heated floors. Like any other interior item, the carpet needs cosmetic care and regular cleaning, as stains often appear on it. To remove them, you do not have to go to a dry cleaner, it is enough to know how to remove stains from the carpet yourself at home. So, let’s know how to remove reappearing spots from the carpet.


How To Remove Reappearing Spots From Carpet?

If stains appear on your favorite carpet, this does not mean that you will have to say goodbye to it. Any, even the most stubborn stains can disappear without a trace if handled correctly. With the right method, you can quickly and effortlessly clean your carpet at home and continue to enjoy the comfort of your home. Here visit this site for the most effective and proven methods for removing stains.

Wine Stain:

Once the carpet is dirty, it is important to blot it dry with dry napkins. Then sprinkle with salt and leave to absorb. Then wipe off the salt and use a damp cloth to wipe off excess wine in a circular motion towards the center of the stain to prevent spreading it. White wine or citric acid diluted in half with water also helps to remove such stains.

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Blood Stain:

How to remove blood? Try to quickly remove a fresh blood stain with a damp microfiber cloth and only cold water, as hot water will only increase the pollution. You can also use salt mixed with water until a gruel is formed – apply on the stain and leave for 10 minutes, then remove the stain with a dampened cloth.

Tea and Coffee Stain:

The easiest way to remove these stains is with a brush and soap solution. If the contamination is not fresh, use a glycerin solution – 1 tablespoon per liter of water. It is applied overnight, and in the morning it is simply removed with a vacuum cleaner and a damp sponge.

Greasy Stains:

Greasy stains can be easily removed with dish detergent. Mix it with a little water, apply to the desired area and leave it on for a while. Or simply sprinkle baking soda on the stain for half an hour. Wipe off any residue with a damp cloth.

Chocolate or Fruit Stains:

They are removed with soapy water from 1 tbsp. vinegar. Spray a liter of the solution onto the contaminated areas and blot with a sponge.


Street dirt can be easily removed after drying. Vacuum with a thick-bristled brush, and if there are still marks, treat with soapy water.

Old Stains:

An old carpet stain is easier to remove by first scraping the stained area. A universal product that is suitable for old dirt – a mixture of 0.5 cups of hydrogen peroxide and 2 tbsp. soda. This paste should be applied to the carpet and left for several hours, after which the residues of the product should be removed along with the stain with a damp brush.

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Carpets Care Tips:

Any carpet or carpeting will lose its brightness over time, becoming less fluffy and fresher. After each reception of guests, all new spots appear on it, which, if not removed immediately, spoil the whole view in the room. In addition, all carpets accumulate a lot of dust over time, which creates an ideal breeding ground for dust mites inside the fibers. Here are some carpet care tips to remove reappearing spots from the carpet.

  • To prevent contamination, carpets are vacuumed once a week, and once every three months they are wet cleaned.
  • Dry snow perfectly helps to cope with stubborn dust and dirt, moreover, the cold destroys bacteria.
  • Try to remove stains immediately, before they have penetrated deep into the material.
  • Use only those specifically suitable products for your carpet product, and do not experiment with abrasive detergents.
  • Hot water is not used to clean carpets, nor can they be laid on a wet floor.
  • Deep cleaning is better to trust specialists, ideally, this procedure is carried out once a year.
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