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Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds



Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds

Collecting diamond jewelry is indeed one of the most fascinating things in life. They are a delight to the eyes as much as they are an excellent personal investment. And just like other forms of investment, diamonds must be maintained in order to age well. After all, you wouldn’t want their beauty and brilliance to fade away with the years, right?

This is why it is important to know how you can care for your diamonds and if you have or are planning to purchase jewelry with fancy vivid yellow diamonds from excellent jewelers such as Astteria, then you’re on the right track as we will give you some important tips to prolong the beauty of your diamonds.


Why Purchase Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds?

Yellow diamonds in general are less rare compared to other colored diamonds. This makes them more affordable as rarity is a huge factor on a diamond’s price.

However, don’t let their certain commonness give you an idea that they are not as exquisite. They may also be less common but they are still considered rare.

Fancy vivid yellow diamonds are particularly in demand. But how exactly are they determined from the other shades of yellow colored diamonds?

The color spectrum of a true colorless diamond ranges from D to Z. On the other side, the fancy color diamond scale begins exactly where the colorless scale terminates. These gemstones, which fall between the X-Y-Z range of the colorless scale and where there are discernible traces of yellow tone, are referred to as cape diamonds.

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With this in mind, it is the starting point for the gorgeous yellow diamond color.

Fancy vivid yellow diamonds are second to the most saturated yellow diamonds on the scale. Its warm and vivid color attracts attention and it would be difficult to resist its charms.

Are Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds Popular?

Having mentioned that they are on the more affordable side of the diamond spectrum in terms of price, fancy yellow diamonds are indeed very popular.

Since the color yellow is associated with happiness, this colored diamond does particularly well in the market. They are among the most affordable rare diamonds on the market, which explains why they are so well-liked. Because they are relatively abundant and less expensive than colorless diamonds or the lighter shades of yellow diamonds.

They can also be one of the best potential personal investments. Yellow diamonds are a great choice for diversifying your assets as diamonds in general are expected to increase in value as the years go by.

How Can You Care For Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds

Maintaining the beauty of diamonds is a must especially when you want to preserve its value. But maintenance does not have to mean spending large amounts of money just to get them repolished and clean.

Yearly visits to professional jewelers for proper cleaning and checking, if there are any loose settings, are enough to make sure they are well cared for.

Everyday care of your diamonds is also essential. Knowing when to remove your jewelry is the key point in making sure that they do not get dents or come into contact with chemicals that might damage them.

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These may be small gestures but do so much for your beloved diamonds. Don’t let its value depreciate by following these simple steps in taking care of your colored diamonds.

Final Thoughts

Diamonds cost significant amounts of money so it is imperative to know how to maintain them well. Consult professional jewelers such as Astteria to find out more ways to take care of your yellow colored diamonds that will ensure you get to retain their beauty and brilliance for a very long time.

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