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What is the Best Color Diamond to Buy in Dallas?



Best Color Diamond to Buy

Diamonds may look colorless but they have color grades Natural colored diamonds even exist and they are more expensive than colorless diamonds. Diamonds are graded according to the chart made by the Gemological Institute of America which is one of the most known and reliable diamond evaluators. The grades are represented by letters that start from D and end with Z. All diamonds are often graded by color and the color can affect their pricing and value. Dallas’s best diamond wholesalers also have their diamonds graded according to the color and other 4cs of diamonds.


How is Diamond Color Measured in Dallas?

They are measured using the grading system provided by the diamond evaluator. For GIA they use a color grading chart where each category of the diamond is palace under a bracket of letters. This can determine the colorless rating of the diamond. The top grades are entirely colorless and as the color grade degrades the diamond under this category shows yellow or brown tints on the diamonds.

A Guide to Choosing the Diamond Color

Choose According to the Band Color

Since the band color can affect the appearance of your ring and the color of your center stone. It will be good to determine your band color. Metals used in your ring should usually match your skin color since there are colors that may appear better to a certain skin tone. If you are fair then any color will do however make sure to match it with the color of your diamond. So when deciding on having jewelry make sure to consider every factor since they are connected. White metals such as platinum and white gold match with the highest grade diamond color because any yellow or brown tint can be noticeable. While lesser grade diamonds can match yellow or rose gold since the tints won’t notice too much.

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Choose According to the Color of Your Accent Stones

If you are planning to have accent stones on your jewelry then better match them with your diamonds. Most accent stones are also made with diamonds. The recommended diamond accent stones are the same or one grade lower from your diamond center stone color grade. For instance, if your center stone color grade is H then your accent stones would be between H or I color grade. Doing so will create a better combination of your diamonds and avoid contrast. If the accent stones are other gems then ask your jeweler for the best diamond color to match them with.

Don’t worry too much about the Diamond Color Grading

Most diamond jewelry is kept for personal use, if this is the case then putting stress too on choosing the color grade of your diamond shouldn’t be an issue. Since nobody would notice of your diamond has a lower color grade when worn and is unnoticeable by the naked eye.

Consider the Ring Setting Design

The setting affects the appearance of your diamond and this includes revealing its true color. For instance, using a halo setting can contain the brightness of your ring and can show the tints on your diamond color, however, a solitaire setting releases the light easily and the diamond is exposed more making it absorb all the light it needs to sparkle better.

What is the More Affordable Diamond Color Grades?

Nearly colorless diamonds that fall under grades G, H and I are the best choices when it comes to diamond color choices. They are close to the colorless grading and they don’t have visible yellow or brown tint are not visible which makes them a perfect alternative for colorless diamonds. They are available on the market, unlike the colorless ones that are rare.

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So before you start your purchase make sure to know the detail about the color of the diamonds so you can get familiar with them. Shopping can be much easier if you know what you are looking for in a diamond. Also, include the other 4cs of the diamonds so you can have the specific diamond features you want once you buy one. Be a wise buyer and educate yourself about diamond colors and their other features then choose a diamond seller who can assist you in choosing the best grades for your diamonds.

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