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How Investing In A New Steel Door Greatly Benefits Any Homeowner



Steel Door

Beyond just protecting against intrusions, premium steel doors strengthen security, control energy waste, reduce noise, prevent fire spread, ease maintenance, and enable durable custom styling that benefits any homeowner through upgraded performance features and manipulatable compositions unavailable from traditional commodity wood doors.

There are so many advantages homeowners can get from installing a steel entry. Check out some of those reasons here and discover why investing in a steel door is a smart choice.

  1. Robust Security

Hollow wooden doors succumb quickly to forced entries, exposing families and valuables to compromised safety from burglaries and home invasions.

Heavy-gauge steel slabs withstand over 800 pounds of brute force thanks to internally welded constructs preventing swift cave-ins. Even deadbolt lock areas stay protected against snap failures, securing homes against nearly all criminal attacks.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Poorly insulated standard doors leak expensive heated or cooled air. Multi-layer foam-filled steel doors incorporating title compression perimeter seals, sidelight glass double pane argon inserts, and threshold sweeps prevent costly energy inefficiencies for dramatically lower monthly expenditures.

  1. Weather Protection

Strong steel entries defeat hurricane-force winds and drive torrential rains from infiltrating interior spaces.

Robust weather stripping and stainless steel construction prevent rust corrosion and help maintain comfortable temperatures inside, unaffected by demanding exterior conditions that can destroy typical wooden doors.

  1. Fire Safety

Solid wood doors actually fuel structure fires, spreading swiftly from room to room. Fire-rated steel entries halt dangerous flame, heat, and smoke transmission between spaces, giving families precious extra evacuation time while meeting stringent county building codes in wildfire-prone regions.

  1. Noise Control

Noisy neighbors, traffic sounds, and other external clatter easily penetrate substandard entrance barriers, preventing unwanted noise pollution from ruining relaxation inside living spaces.

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On the other hand, Steel insulated soundproof doors block such peace shattering noises for sanctuary solitude improving mental health.

  1. Low Maintenance

Unlike wood doors requiring frequent aesthetic upkeep like stripping, sanding, and refinishing, steel doors remain permanently factory finished, with minor cleaning needed just once annually. Their durable rustproof constructions prevent swelling, sticking, or wrapping common from repeated moisture exposure.

  1. Dent And Damage Resistance

Life happens. Disorderly kids and distracted movers inevitably bump walls and entries. Yet strong 16-gauge steel entries shrug off dents, dings, or chips without showing signs of abuse over decades of use.

This is because of the rock solid 1-piece plate construction rather than multiple glued wooden slabs prone to visible bruising.

  1. Customizable Styling

Steel allows flexibility to mimic a natural wood look, get painted any color, accept carved motif cutouts, or integrated leaded glass sidelight panels matching homeowners’ exact preferences rather than forcing limited standard catalog options. Even emulate rare exotic hardwoods strikingly.

  1. Perfect Fit

Rather than reframing openings to accept approximate sizing, custom fabricated steel entries fit precisely to existing jams with laser-measured accuracy, preventing air or water leaks better than wood entries simply foamed and caulked to manage leftover gaps looking unsightly. Precision perfect fit integration provides optimal sealing.

  1. Lightweight Convenience

Solid wood doors weigh considerably, making operation difficult for children or older people. Lightweight steel slabs reduce pivot effort by over 65 percent without surrendering strength, benefiting sweeping user demographics with easy open-close accessibility and adding convenience.

  1. Uv Resistance

Intense sun exposure degrades wooden doors through drying, bleaching, and splintering degradation, necessitating aesthetics ruining replacement every 8-12 years.

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Steel entries absorb rather than degrade under UV, allowing enduring lifelong durability decades longer than any wood door offers cost-conscious owners.

  1. Easier Repairs

Attempting wooden door repairs risks harming structural integrity. But steel entries enable minor DIY repairs using basic welding skills and affordable home kits. This prevents costly contractor replacements, making damaged steel entries more economically sustainable in the long run than throw-away wood ones.

  1. Lifetime Durability

With basic re-painting maintenance, steel entries function like new after 20 years of heavy use when most wood doors require complete throwing out.

Their durable construction pays off exponentially over decades, saving fortunes in replacement costs as homes pass between generations while maintaining positive, reliable first impressions welcoming residents and guests.

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