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Tips for Styling Your Dining Table with a Table Runner



Dining Table with a Table Runner

No need to shell out on your home decor projects when a few accessories are all you need to give your place an elegant look. A dining table, for example, can make or break the look of your home. Choose the right accessories for your dining room and see how it magically becomes the focal point of your living room.

The dining table runner is one such accessory that can be used to create a seasonal display in your dining room. It is often paired with a tablecloth and other exciting table accessories that add aesthetic value while protecting your table from scratches and stains. In this post, we have shared a few easy tips for styling your dining table with a table runner. Let’s take a look:


Select an Appropriate Length

A table runner serves as a table accessory that aligns the dishes placed in the center and offers enough space to house the beverage glasses and serving platters. If you are creating a traditional style, pay special attention to the length of your table runner. It should be long enough to hang over the edges.

The material has to be placed in the center of the table. Once you have found an ideal length, move on to the color and patterns. Select a color that matches your interior theme and complements your dining table set. It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, but the material must complement the design theme in your dining room.

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Consider a Short Table Runner

Ideally, a dining table runner must be long enough to hang over the edges of the table. But, if you are looking for something casual and contemporary, a short table runner is a good choice. It makes sense to go for a shorter table runner when you have a luxurious or vintage dining table that you’d like to show off to your guests. Choose a tablecloth and a table runner shorter than the length of the table.

Place Them Widthwise

A less formal yet modern arrangement for a table runner is going widthwise across your dining table. It involves a short table runner placed widthwise, thus dividing the space and creating a great visual appeal. Use a couple of these table runners to eliminate the need for placemats altogether.

Add a Tablecloth

Your dining table doesn’t need a lot of decorative accessories to look good. Just a couple of items, such as a modern table runner paired with the coordinating tablecloth, will be enough (especially if you are a minimalist). To create an interesting look, get a tablecloth in contrasting colors to the table runner. Pay special attention to the length of each item. The length of both should align well so that your table looks organized.

Try Other Accessories

A flower vase and a couple of pots give your dining room a vibrant touch. Place a nice flower vase with artificial flowers or use natural plants. Accessorize your table considering your dining table chair designs.

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