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Benefits of Playing Sport



Benefits of Playing Sport

Physical wellness is of paramount importance. The age old saying “Your body is a temple “is very true indeed.

Part of maintaining physical health is eating healthy foods, staying hydrated and sleeping well.

But sport can help you in many ways too.

Here are some reasons why sport is so very good for you.


  1. It’s great for the kids

If your lovely youngster start sport at an early age, they are more likely to continue as they grow older. Playing a sport has been linked to higher levels of academic performance and increased self-confidence and better social skills.

Better Health Victoria states that 70% of boys and 56% of girls participate in a sport. These are good numbers and hopefully they will continue to grow.

In an age where we rely more on social media and other online materials for education, it is beneficial to encourage children to join in with sports on a regular basis.

Naturally, we want to give our youth the best possible start in life. Getting healthy early in life can lessen the chance of childhood obesity, which can lead to damaging and long-term health issues.

Playing a sportcan promote more healthy growth of muscles and bones and improve your child’s coordination and balance.

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Participating in a team sport can assist with teaching them aboutmental focus, team work, patience and discipline.

  1. And for older folk too

You don’t have to be young and buff to play sports, even grandma and grandpa can join in.

Physical activity for our grey-haired relatives is important to ensure the risk of strokes, cancers and heart disease is decreased.

It can also help them develop stronger bones, joints and muscles, which in turn increases flexibility and coordination.

This can assist with their mobility, sense of independence and self-esteem.

A lot of our aging population may have seen their children leave home, and spouses and loved ones pass away. Getting involved in sport and exercise can ensure they don’t isolate themselves and become fatigued with life and worry.

  1. It can feel might good to hit that ball or bag

After a tense and frustrating day, it might be beneficial to grab one of those tennis racquets and smack the ball around a bit.

A good mental health self-care is to appropriately release pent up frustrations without being aggressive or harmful to others or yourself.

A quick dash on the courts can help release some of those feel-good endorphins so you feel loads better and less tense after your session.

A good long aerobic workout can also help improve your mood and release your agitation.

Boxing or martial arts can teach you self-control and assist in stabilising your mood and self-regulation.

  1. It is actually a pretty good work out

Any form of exercise helps with working your muscles, and assists to increase aerobic capabilities.

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It can help with bone density and reduces fat (oh yes!) as well as helping you tone those legs, calves and arms.

Being active helps with metabolic function, blood pressure and improves your flexibility and reaction time. You’ve got to be quick to hit that ball after all!

It increases your heart rate, which burns more of those pesky calories and assist with weight loss and improving your stamina. So, you can work of that sneaky piece of cake guilt free.

  1. You get to meet new people

Anything that gets you of the couch and out of the house can have aid your social life.

It’s not a loud environment such as the pub with pumping music and drunk clientele, where you may struggle to hear people. Get-togethers that are meant to get people mingling such as speed dating or other more structured group activities can be awkward.

With a dynamic such as sport, you can feel more comfortable with the knowledge that everyone else there wants to get fit and healthy and meet new people too.

Team sports are often linked with kinship and a sense of community where people tend to support each other and work together to achieve a goal.

  1. It’s good for your mental health too

When you get moving and exercise, your body releases these wonderful chemicals called endorphins. These magical little critters work with the receptor parts of your brain, triggering a feel-good mood.

If you’re wanting to help, get out of a slump, and start having a better mindset and more positive emotions, picking up that tennis racket can help lift your mood and your energy.

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Being active is a great distraction from negative thinking or from thoughts and worries that may seem to tie you down and keep you flat.

  1. Those cute outfits

Some might be happy and quite content in leggings or shorts with a casual t-shirt or singlet.

Whilst others may feel more drawn to those short skirts and stunning outfits worn by more professional sports players

Playing a sport doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run out and purchase expensive equipment and clothing, but you can still look good if you choose to.

  1. It can help you sleep better

All this wellness and movement will help your body function better, which is said to enhance sleep cycles and assist in relaxation.

Sport has been known to assist with deeper and longer sleep cycles.

Better sleep is good for you all round. It helps you be more alert, focused and positive throughout the day. Sleeping well also assists in other areas such as physical wellbeing and improves heart function.

Granted, if you find sport heightens your energy levels, you may want to be careful about to much just before bed.

But otherwise, incorporate sport into your daily routine and watch your body clock adjust to a more beneficial rhythm.

  1. It can improve your physical shape and wellbeing

Regular exercise assists with weight management and physical wellbeing.

Staying healthy and within a good weight range can lessen your likelihood of developing hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease.

Taking a little bit of time out to play regular sport can improve your life in many ways.

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