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Ranking the Best Casino Apps for 2022



best casino apps for 2022

Online gambling has seen a drastic rise in popularity in recent years. With developing technologies and the rising availability of the internet, the need to visit local brick-and-mortar casinos is outdated. Nowadays, gals and guys can just power on their phones, click a button and be a press away from all of the most popular casino games. But the question is, what are the best gambling apps to check out in 2022? In this article, we answer that exact question.



Without mentioning BetUS, we can’t talk about the best gambling apps that pay real money. As the website suggests, it is focused on sports betting. However, the website also doubles as a prominent and popular online casino, featuring games like blackjack, poker, slots, and many other popular gambling games that any gambler will enjoy.

BetUS has headquarters in Costa Rica. However, they serve an international audience, including the United States. If you are unsure whether to sign up with them, just read honest BetUS reviews before signing up, and you will see they are worth the hype.


Another sportsbook doubling as a casino, Everygame is one of the highest-ranking online bookies/casinos where you can play for real money. With a reputable and respectable history, Everygame is also one of the safest apps you can find online. Some reasons to check out the website are the fast payouts and the different variety of sports and games that they have made available.

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However, if all of that isn’t enough, there is another major reason to sign up with this excellent online casino. That is the top-tier welcome bonus that the website provides. Whether a sports bettor or an online gambler, you will be awarded excellent benefits when you make your first deposit with Everygame. Certainly a website worth checking out.

When discussing the top 10 gambling apps online, it is almost impossible not to come across Situated in Panama, this website is available to residents from all the major gambling countries, including the USA, UK, most of mainland Europe, etc.

The reason for Betonline’s popularity is its payout speed. Unlike most online casinos, Betonline numbers in the few online casinos feature one of the fastest withdrawal speeds and a quick deposit speed. Indeed, it is a website worth checking out.

Wild Casino

What makes online gambling so enticing? It isn’t just the availability or convenience you can access them. Sure, having games at the tip of your finger at any point during the day is a huge plus.

However, what indeed raises websites like Wild Casino to the top is the wide range of games they cover, the free spins bonuses that they include, and, in the case of Wild Casino, the fact that it is tax-free.

When it comes to online gambling, you can’t go wrong by picking Wild Casino. With a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, and a pretty fast, average payout, Wild Casino is an excellent choice for any fan of gambling.

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Las Atlantis

What makes Las Atlantis one of the top betting and gambling apps today? Is their slick design making players feel like they are in some sort of future neon-light, gambling paradise? Is it their excellent customer support service, praised by many as the best on the market today? Is it their wide gaming library?

Sure, all of these propel Las Atlantis to the top of the list. But fans are enticed by the great welcome offers that new players are privy to. The bonus offer will give back 280% on your first deposit. Now that is an offer worth sticking around for.

Super Slots

Last but certainly not least is the Super Slots casino. Slots are the most popular game in many casinos today. And the same is true when it comes to online. With Super Slots, you can play all the best and most beloved online slots on the market today. All, with a mind-blowingly excellent welcome offer, can pay out as much as $6000. So, for any fan of online or land-based slots, Super Slots is the way to go.

Last Thoughts

The online casino industry has completely changed the way we play games. By incorporating welcome bonuses and promotions for existing players, these websites have drawn a huge crowd of people to their side. The few sites we have listed in this article are not the only option available. However, they are certainly among the best options available online right now. Worth checking out by any fan of gambling.

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