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The Best Digital Organization Tools



Digital Organization Tools

When it comes to keeping our lives organized in a modern capacity, digital tools are essential. While some people still enjoy the likes of magnetic wipe boards and physical diaries, others prefer to streamline their organization via digital tools. Despite this, the abundance in digital organization tools available means it can be tricky to select which organization tools are best suited to your requirements. Whether it’s personal or professional commitments, we all have things to keep on top of. Listed below are some of the best digital organization tools available for use and download.




First up is Dropbox, which is a file hosting service, providing client software, personal clous, file synchronization, and cloud storage. Not only does Dropbox allow you to store documents for yourself, but it also enables you to share these files with others. For the first 2GB of storage, Dropbox is free to use; however, 200GB of storage will set you back $9.99 a month. The beauty of Dropbox is that it’s a one-stop-shop, containing anything from photos to files. What’s more, physical files can be scanned directly into the app, using the PDF scanner, while the app syncs with your computer to minimize upload times.

Smartphone Reminders

Most smartphones have a reminder section in which you can make lists and short-term reminders. With Apple devices, you’re able to share these reminders with other Apple users, making it easier to complete joint tasks. Typical uses for smartphone reminders include packing lists, grocery lists, and other short-term reminders. Similarly, when using an Apple device and you ask Siri to set a reminder, this is where the reminder goes. If you have a handful of responsibilities you need to do each week, your phone’s built-in reminder app is a great addition to your organization habits.

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Smartphone Notes

If you’re an Apple user, the Notes app will sync across your phone and computer. If you’re an Android user, Google Keep will do the same thing. Each of these apps is ideal for keeping little notes that you need to access easily. Similarly, they come with a built-in PDF scanner, allowing you to store images of your physical documents here. If you’re not keen on using the reminders for lists, you can just as easily make these lists on the note section of your phone. Furthermore, if you need to note anything down while you’re out and about, this is the perfect platform to do so.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is simply a digital calendar that syncs with your Gmail account, making it the ideal place to keep track of upcoming events. Not only is it great for scheduling meetings and appointments, but it’s also great for all long-term planning. What’s more, it’s very easy to create shared calendars, allowing you to effortlessly slot in meeting times with other individuals. If adult life teaches you anything, it’s that finding a time in which everyone is free is almost impossible; however, Google Calendar makes it that little bit easier.


Last but not least is Teuxdeux, which is a digital to-do list/planner, which can be used as effortlessly as a piece of paper. The beauty of Teuxdeux is that it provides you with a “week at a glance” view, allowing you to look at all your upcoming plans for the week. Teuxdeux allows you to set up recurring tasks, subtasks, and someday lists. On mobile, Teuxdeux is free to download; however, to access it across all platforms, you’ll need to pay $2-3 a month. For weekly schedules, Teuxdeux is the ideal one-stop-shop for to-do lists.

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