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Alienware Area51 Threadripper – Key Features



Alienware Area51 Threadripper

The first thing we can say about the Alienware Area51 Threadripper is that it is not from this earth; this machine is from the other world. The backlit keys and alien logo make it look like something beamed down from another world.

What’s great is that you have the opportunity to play your games smoothly with high frame rates, and open multiple programs at the same time.

However, in comparison to a standard office desk, a minimalist workspace is characterized by a lack of items or decorations. If we talk about the Alienware area51 threadripper features and design, they are unique compared to other machines on the market.

So, in this article, you will learn everything about this desktop; after significant research, we will provide you with a complete review of this product.



The Area-51’s Triad chassis remains mostly the same. You will still get the triangular chassis adorned with the company’s signature and strategically placed LED lights that are customizable and flash invitingly. The eye-catching alien head is situated in the front and middle, functioning as both a mascot and a power button.

However, this is not just an alien design but also a very functional one. The main feature of this design is to help air reach the ports and vents located in the rear, preventing them from getting clogged.

Next, the front and back of the desktop are made from black plastic with ridges running along the front to allow airflow. Also, the side panels are strengthened by steel and composed of Epic Silver plastic, similar to the material used on their laptops, such as the Alienware 17 and 15. And the two release latches, which are hidden at the top of the device, offer you to remove each panel.

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If we talk about the weight, this full tower weighs 62 pounds, so you’ll need to use your legs rather than your arms to lift this 22.4 x 25.1 x 10.7 inches desktop. Overall the design is very unique and it is easy to use.

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Similar to the Alienware Aurora R5, the Area 51 can be upgraded without hardly any tools. It is straightforward if you want to upgrade or add a second graphics card to this desktop.

The only thing you have to do is pull all the locks that are present on the expansion slots and also twist a few screws that are present on the support bracket of the GPU.

However, Storage slots and memory plugs go in quickly, and even the water-cooling bracket features thumbscrews for easy installation.

The most important thing you will need is the screwdriver to change the power supply. However, the design and upgradability of Area 51 are top-notch. It is easy to work inside the chassis, and there is plenty of room for expansion.

Alien Command Center:

For an extra special touch, Area-51 comes with preloaded Command Center software. After you launch it, you can change the colors of the nine zones from one of the 20 choices available, and the next thing you can do is add an amazing effect.

If you are a fan of lightning, then this desktop is the best option; it allows you to create the lightning theme for different events like email notifications, etc.

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But the main thing is that the command center software can do more than just perform light shows. It allows you to change the power settings, you can control the speed of fans and the behavior of venting. Besides, the OC Controls guarantees that you will get peak performance from your DRAM and processor.

If you’re feeling ambitious, there’s AlienAdrenaline, which allows you to create custom shortcuts for your favorite games. So, for example, you can map the keyboard’s volume keys to control in-game music.

The main thing that the Command Center software does is to provide you with full control over your system. You can change the colors of the different zones, add effects, and even create shortcuts for your favorite games. With this software, you can ensure your system is running at peak performance.


Alienware Area51 threadripper comes with too many ports, and I’m confident that you could connect all of your PC peripherals and still have space for more.

The front of the Alienware system is pretty Spartan and comes with a slot for loading Blu-ray and DVD reader/writer, you will also get two USB 3.1 ports and also a jack for microphone/headphones, and also a card reader.

But the fun really starts in the back of Area-51, here you will find the two USB 2.0 ports, seven USB 3.1 ports and also one USB Type-C port. Besides this, S/PDIF, center and front channels, audio inputs are also available for rear and side surrounds.

Gaming, Graphics, and VR:

Alienware Area51 threadripper comes with the NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU along with the 11GB of VRAM. Because of these Alienware Area51 threadripper features we can say that this desktop is totally badass.

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The Area-51 can handle any gaming you throw its way, it doesn’t matter its traditional console or VR games. Overall it is an excellent option for gaming, if you are searching for a desktop to play high-end games on high settings then we recommend you to buy this.


The Alienware’s area51 threadripper is a high-end gaming desktop offering users unparalleled processing power. However, Area51 threadripper has a Core i9-8950HK processor and can support up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM. Area 51 is the prime example of illustrating these laptops’ effectiveness. It contains a Core i9-8950HK processor and 16GB RAM of DDR4 type.

However, according to our test, this desktop manages any game you want to play and looks great. According to our test, this desktop duplicates the file of 4.97GB in only 9 seconds. Which means it provides 565.5 megabytes per second.

So, if you are searching for a high-end gaming desktop that provides you the opportunity to play all types of games, then the Alienware Area51 threadripper is the perfect option for you.


  • Comes with a unique and fun design.
  • The overall performance and graphics are excellent.
  • Play every game on high settings.
  • A considerably cheaper option than the other desktops on the same level.


  • Doesn’t provide too many configuration options like the others.


In the end, we can say that the Alienware Area51 threadripper provides the best experience when we think about high-end gaming. Its design is unique, and the hardware is high-end to offer you fantastic performance. However, if you want to play high-end games and buy the best desktop, the Area51 fulfills all your needs and provides excellent performance.

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