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What are the Best Fruits in King Legacy?



Best Fruits in King Legacy

The first thing that pops into our minds when we think about King Legacy is fruits. Most King Legacy players will do research to find out which fruits are good for their builds and their teammates. There is also one fruit that’s especially powerful and has the advantage of not being in the meta at the moment; it’s an easy task to obtain the best King Legacy fruits that everyone should have in their building.


Best Fruits in King Legacy

What the heck is “King Legacy Fruits” anyway? The fruits, much like other plants in Legacy, are capable of defending themselves from other plants if they find themselves under attack. They are very useful for building and upgrading your towers and turrets. When we think of King Legacy Fruit, we think about the toasted King Fruit in Overwatch, it’s another one that you could use as a fruit, but we want to focus on all fruits in King Legacy for this guide. Let’s begin with the best fruits.

The Granny Smith

When it comes to best and most favorite fruits, it’s not hard to figure out that it’s the one you see in the top list. This Granny Smith is the most potent fruit because it can damage you in multiple places, it grows fast, and it’s easy to acquire. The Granny Smith isn’t really well-known in King Legacy Fruits, it’s not as common as the lemon or an Orange, but it’s still highly regarded. Not only does it deal a ton of damage, but it can also heal you with the Magic Heal.

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If you have a Granny Smith in your building and your opponent has your King Fruit on the opposing side, you’ll definitely be in a better position to destroy their Tower/Turret/Tower/Turret. The Granny Smith is quite fragile as a fruit, but it has a good reach and heals quickly, so it’s best to keep your distance to avoid taking too much damage.

The Mango

All fruits in King Legacy can damage and build you in multiple places. The mamba-sized fruits are a bit of a surprise, because they aren’t usually found in the smaller fruit trees. If you’re familiar with the Tamarind, you’ll know that there’s another type of mango you could grow instead. The smaller mango is one of the easiest fruits to find in your quest to win the King Legacy game. It’s not that hard to obtain in the trees in the southeastern area, but you can also farm them from Little Prairie and White Thorn.

Once you have this mamba fruit, you can use it in multiple ways. As a “Keystone Farming” fruit, you can boost the health of all your trees. But more importantly, if your trees don’t deal too much damage, it will help you kill units and buildings in the middle of the map, which can bring you closer to winning. This fruit also heals you, but it’s slow and it’s not as powerful as other King Legacy fruits, so you shouldn’t rely on it.

The Snow Crab

If you don’t already know the Snow Crab, it’s probably because you haven’t bothered to check the game frequently. In our game, when we want to kill the first boss, we have to farm a very quick and powerful fruit. The Snow Crab is the rarest from all fruits in King Legacy, it’s not too common on any of the trees, and it’s not too common in Hearthstone, either. It’s available in the crab house in the northern area.

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This fruit is a great centerpiece fruit, because it can do a ton of damage when it hits the enemy tower or turret. It’s also a high-HP fruit, which means it will heal you as well.  This type of King Legacy fruit is the “most powerful” fruit in the Crab House. You can use it to build both the Ghost Station and the Crab Tower, and it will result in a more powerful mid-game for your team.

The “Mongoose”

The “mongoose” is one of the smallest fruits from all fruits in King Legacy. In StarCraft II, the name “mongoose” is a nickname for “StarCraft player.” The “mongoose” fruit in King Legacy is an accurate description of this fruit. It’s a smaller fruit than the normal fruits, so the idea is to push it around the map as much as possible, forcing your enemies to attack it.

When the enemy team gets close to the fruit, you can force a kill with some quick attacks. If you have the time, this small but quick-attacking King Legacy fruit is a great start on your creep army. It’s not as good as the jungle fruit, but if you have the high HP, it can serve you well.

The Gauntlet

Ah, the crazy carrot. It’s actually not that crazy, at all. In the game of King Legacy, this fruit is sometimes used for the same purposes as the monkey’s paw. The monkey’s paw can help you plant some traps on the ground. The “gauntlet” fruit can do the same thing.

If you have a powerful champion that can activate a trap at the right moment, the “gauntlet” fruit is a great addition to your team. It will not do any damage, but it can help you push the other team around the map with the power of your AoE.

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The Tree Box

This fruit is definitely the most common in King Legacy fruits, and there is nothing wrong with it. While it might not be as good as the other fruits, it will still bring you lots of damage in the form of turrets, depending on what you put inside. There are many champions that can use this tree box fruit. The tree box itself does not do any damage, but with the help of the champions that can activate it, it can do a lot of damage. However, every fruit has a definite reason.


In this section, we have gone through all fruits in King Legacy. We have discussed what they are, how they work, and why each fruit is useful. We highly recommend playing around with these different but best fruits, and exploring all the ways you can use them in your gameplay.

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