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What Kind of Keyboard Switches are Best for Programming?



best keyboard for programming

Programming is a fast-growing profession and its scope is rising with each passing day. For effective programming and coding, it is mandatory to have access to the most high-performing and high-quality apparatus. The main device used for programming is a keyboard that one would use to perform the job of typing and coding. Several keyboards for programming have been designed so far. Choosing one depends on your personal needs and the nature of your work. In this way, you can land the perfect piece that would work best for you!


Various Keyboards for Programming

When it comes to programming, multiple types of keyboards are available. These include basic and extended versions of keyboards featuring numeric keyboards, magic keyboards, wired and wireless keyboards, Bluetooth keyboards, USB keyboards, Qwerty keyboards, etc. It is up to users’ convenience what works best for them and what they are comfortable with!

Mechanical Keyboards for Programming

A Mechanical keyboard is considered the best keyboard for programming. Although a mechanical keyboard would not contribute towards the development of your programming skills, it would provide you a smooth typing experience.

In this way, it provides a boost to your coding and programming efficiency.

Mechanical Keyboard Switches

A mechanical keyboard features mechanisms underneath keycaps in the form of switches called mechanical keyboard switches. These keyboard switches provide assistance while typing at a faster pace. Moreover, they function to make typing more precise and efficient. The choice of the perfect keyboard would decrease your workload and increase efficiency. Similarly, a not-so-good keyboard would consume all your energy and time without providing significant benefits. Therefore, while buying a keyboard for programming, it is essential to take into account the knowledge of mechanical keyboard switches.

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Types of keyboard switches: best keyboard for programming

With special reference to mechanical keyboards, there are three main types of mechanical keyboard switches based on characteristics. Each switch is linked to a set of peculiar properties and features. In this way, one can choose accordingly. The top producer of all types of keyboard switches is a German company named Cherry.

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1)  Tactile switches

These keyboard switches are considered perfect for typing as they provide a luxurious, gentle, smooth, and efficient typing experience. Before bottoming out, the user could feel a tactile bump in the key. It is a manifestation of the actuation point. In this way, one can rest assured that one has pressed the right key and the command has been processed. Tactile feedback is associated with such switches. The restoring time of each key is halved that automatically boosts and multiplies the speed of typing to double. Tactile switches are commonly available under the category of “Brown Switches” by Cherry MX. Most of the programmers or typists do not prefer to use tactile switches designed by this company. The reason is, tactile switches created by Cherry lack a significant tactile bump. Most of the users have claimed that using tactile or brown switches manufactured by Cherry is like using ordinary linear switches with no tactility.

  • Best for Typing: Yes!
  • Best for Gaming: Probably Not!

2)  Linear switches

The simplest type of mechanical switch is a linear switch. It is named so because of the linear movement of the stem. This type of switch is best suited for gamers because it tends to actuate at the end. For typing purposes, linear switches are not the first preference because they take too long to travel and register the keystroke. Therefore, they are not considered ideal keyboards for programming. A high-quality linear switch would be smooth and not mushy because it lacks a tactile bump. Since it is the smoothest, it is the fastest. Linear switches are commonly available under the category of “Black Switches” by Cherry MX.

  • Best for Typing: No!
  • Best for Gaming: Yes!
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3)  Clicky

The clicky switch is like a tactile switch but with a more noticeable bump. Such switches produce a louder sound that might cause inconvenience for many users. These switches work best for those who do not get annoyed by typing sounds. Moreover, those who are beginners at typing and want to receive continuous feedback on their work prefer to use clicky keyboard switches and get assured that their commands have been placed successfully. But clicky switches are not a good choice if you are planning to buy keyboards for programming. The fact remains undeniable that loud keyboards might be a reason behind creating disturbance and distraction for people surrounding you. However, they offer the delight of not making your fingers tired due to effortless typing. Clicky switches are commonly available under the category of “Blue Switches” by Cherry MX.

  • Best for Programmers: Probably Not!
  • Best for Beginners: Yes!

| Out of all the three mentioned categories of mechanical keyboard switches, tactile switches work best for typists and are considered to make the best keyboards for programming.

Choosing the best keyboard switch

Here are the most important points that cover all the FAQs guide to let the programmers pick the best keyboard switches for them.

Blue switches vs Brown switches, which are faster?

Taking into account the products of Cherry MX, Brown switches are less noisy and more efficient compared to the blue ones.

Red switches and Blue switches, how are they different?

When it comes to choosing the best keyboards for programming, picking an ideal switch is one of the most important factors. It would depict your work effectiveness, efficiency, and also quality in the long run. Red switches are much smoother than Blue switches. Blue switches due to the presence of a bump are not that smooth but they are noisy. Blue switches have clicky feedback and they produce a high-pitched sound.

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Red switch against Brown switch, which one is louder?

Till now, the loudness has been attributed to blue switches only. Comparing Red and Brown switches indicates that Red ones are quieter. They are also considered a better choice for typists due to the reason that they offer a smooth experience of typing. They are linear with lesser actuation pressure.

Red, Blue, and Brown switches, which one makes the best keyboards for programming?

When we talk about picking one option out of many, it depends on our preferences and requirements what would we like to have. However, considering the three mechanical keyboard switches i.e; Red, Brown, and Blue, the central one works best for typing. If you want to keep it quite clicky with sound, Blue is your gateway. If you are only focused on speed and you have been a professional typist, Red is an ideal choice for you. If you are a programmer interested in high-speed typing but with a tactile bump, the Brown switch would work best for you.


In the current scenario, if you are in search of top-ranked mechanical switches for typing and programming purposes, here are a few options that would assist you. Cherry MX Brown switches, switches designed by Topre, and ZealPC Clients are hitting the market and are top-trending switches these days. Their force absorption, touch, sound, and travel distance are perfect for programming. For gamers, the Red and Black mechanical keyboard switches of Cherry MX are good choices.

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