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What Should You Know Before Upgrading to Magento 2?



Upgrading to Magento 2

How Is Magento 2 Different from Magento?

If you have decided to upgrade your Magento to Magento 2, you need to understand the key differences between those two. Learning them may help you make a final decision to upgrade your old version to the new one or not. 

According to many CEO experts, Magento 2 outperforms Magento in many ways. Check some Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration services.

  • Architecture. The new version has a completely new, updated, and modern appearance, making it more eye-catching. The recent changes have incredibly improved the way it looks. It has added new significant technologies like Composer, Apache, etc. It also supports the recent version of PHP. This system includes the improvement in terms of security which in its turn influences the loading speed. Moreover, the new version has decreased the number of unnecessary browser operations. This is done thanks to the updated with minimized JavaScript. 
  • Faster pace and better performance. Compared to the old version, the new version has a faster page loading speed. It processes over 39% more orders in an hour. Catalog browsing has never been so easy with the new version. The carter-add response is 66% more quickly compared with the old version. Finally, end-to-end checkout has been improved up to 51%. 

Faster pace and better performance

  • Reduction of extensions. The previous version contained many 3rd part extensions, which was irritating for many users. Moreover, updating useful extensions has been an expensive experience. Magento 2 has decreased the amount of those extensions and has made them more affordable. 
  • More-friendly admin page. The new option is not only more user-friendly but also more interactive. Navigation and browsing have become much easier. You may find the necessary information very quickly. A straightforward dashboard provides all the necessary tools and features at hand. Compared to the complicated design of Magento, Magento 2 is much more comprehensible. 
  • More searching options. The searching engine has been advanced with the latest advancement in this aspect. 
  • High level of security. The new option is vulnerable, and choosing a strong password may not be your only concern while using it. This is not the case with the updated version. 
  • Pricing. Although the new version is a bit more expensive, the features that it offers are worth it.
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What Should You Know Before Upgrading Your Magento to Magento 2?

Soon after introducing Magento 2.0 in 2015, the Magento community was enthusiastic to try the new version. However, it has some drawbacks which led to disappointment. The team is starting to improve the new version, and in 2018, Magento 2 was introduced. The migration from Magento to Magento 2 is not such an easy process; however, the offered advantages make it worthy. The migration time depends on many factors, including the eCommerce store. Sometimes it may take 2-3 months, but it may last up to half a year in some cases. 

Before migrating, you need to consider all the necessary steps carefully. 

  • Get acquainted with new functionality. Because of more native features, Magento 2, it is high time to cancel all unnecessary extensions. However, take into account that any migration may take time and cost some money. 
  • Review your extensions and initial code. Thanks to the new updates, many extensions that worked well with the outdated option may not work with the new version. So, consider adjusting your initial code with the new updates. 
  • The date should be transferred manually. Do not hurry to import all your data from the very beginning. The updated version will keep all the necessary data updates with their locations. 
  • Take into account some technical issues. For example, even with perfect knowledge of the updated version, some previous extensions and codes will not work perfectly with a new platform. 

Some users are afraid to try the new version because of some reasons, like;

  • Feeling coming out of their comfort zone,
  • Fear of losing old customers, 
  • Losing some of the essential extensions,
  • High price
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Get more info before making a final decision about the migration. 

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