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Best Technology For Your Home in 2022



Technology For Your Home

We’re always looking for the latest technology to improve our lives and make day-to-day tasks easier. Luckily for us, home technology is becoming more advanced and is allowing us to be more efficient and keep our homes more secure. From doorbells to security cameras, light bulbs to thermostats, our homes are becoming increasingly more innovative.

If you’re looking for modern tech to improve your living space in 2022, take a closer look at the best technology for your home this year according to Gizmodo.


Light bulbs

With more of us looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly this year, smart lightbulbs could be the gadget for you. These light bulbs are easy to install and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they’re even compatible with your Alexa, as well as various other smart speakers.

These bulbs are available in various colours and give you the option of different display effects too. They can be customised to turn on at certain times, for example, if you don’t want to come home to a dark house, you can schedule them to turn on inside or outside just as you’re about to arrive home. They can add a bit of ambience to a room, with different colours and hues, and they can also provide an element of security, as well as being efficient.


In the past, CCTV has been criticised for its grainy and often unclear displays, but as technology is advancing, our homes have never been safer. Security devices are now more modern than ever. They are smaller, easier to install and come with a wide range of benefits when it comes to keeping your family home safe.

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A few of the advantages you will find if you choose one of these devicesfor your home is that they can be connected to your Wi-Fi, therefore are easy to install, and they’re affordable. They can also record coloured images during both day and night, and they also come with built-in spotlights that can act as deterrents. If your camera spots a movement, this device will track it automatically. You can install these smart security cameras yourself so you can feel more relaxed in your home, as well as when you’re away.


Similarlyto smart security cameras, doorbells are also becoming more innovative too. Smart doorbells are great for improving security at your home. If you’re on holiday or at work, you can get notifications to let you know someone is at the door, and the camera and microphone installation can allow you to speak to the person through the doorbell. This piece of home tech is good for deterring intruders and can come in handy if you’re not at home and waiting for a delivery.

These doorbells are powered by a battery, so can be used alongside a traditional doorbell. Although you will need to charge them, they can last on any outdoor surface and be connected to your router.


Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular in homes around the globe. Another device that can help us live more efficiently; these thermostats can provide us with a range of benefits. Not only do they look modern and sleek, but they also adjust our heating by calculating how long our homes take to heat up and cool down, which is great for ensuring you’re not wasting energy or racking up an expensive heating bill. These devices can often be programmed from your smartphone, so you can turn it on just before you get home from work or turn it off with ease if you’ve forgotten before you left the house! Modern home technology at its finest.

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