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Six Benefits of AI in Cyber Security



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Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly interwoven in the core structure of businesses today, with extensive usage across various sectors. It is the driving force behind business success, especially in the information technology and telecommunication industries.

However, Artificial Intelligence in the context of cybersecurity is a double-edged sword. It’s a powerful tool that, when employed correctly, can protect your business against cyberattacks. Still, on the other hand, malicious attackers can also use it to launch cyberattacks against unsuspecting companies.


How to deal with cyber threats?

Did you know that about 43% of all data attacks are directed toward small-sized businesses? However, out of the 43%, only 14% of these businesses are equipped to protect themselves. Smaller and mid-sized businesses have insufficient resources and lesser resources; hence they are more vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Just looking at stats, we can assume that the volume of threats aimed at businesses is more than what an average company can deal with. Therefore, it is time for organizations to invest in trained AI modes to detect new malware and protect sensitive data.

AI is the ideal solution that can completely counter cyber threats and allow businesses to thrive in today’s cyberattack landscape. Cyberattacks are evolving faster than ever, and given the current situation in the cyber security space, it is crucial to defend against new attack risks. To learn more about the latest trends in cyber security, knowledge about cyber hacking is a must.

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Advantages of AI in Cyber Security

Intelligent applications can assist security experts in dealing with and defending against vast volumes of cyberattacks. Furthermore, AI can automate the identification of new threats, generate threat alerts, and seamlessly defend against cyberattacks. But that’s not all, there are many more benefits of using AI in cybersecurity, and we have listed the most important ones here.

  1. AI can handle large volumes of threats

A business’s data network is always buzzing with activity. One can expect a high volume of engagement at an average mid-sized company. As a result, there is a lot of data shared between the organization and its customers every day. Therefore, protection against unauthorized access and malicious malware are essential.

Cybersecurity professionals, on the other hand, cannot check every data for possible risks. When it comes to recognizing dangers disguised as everyday activities, AI is the best solution. Because of its automated nature, it can filter through massive volumes of data and traffic. For example, an AI-based personal proxy may help with data transfers. It can also detect and identify any dangers that may be hiding within the confusion.

  1. AI quickly identifies unknown threats

Your security team can’t recognize and mitigate all the risks your business is currently dealing with. Hundreds of millions of attacks are launched by hackers each year for various reasons. Malicious threats can cause irrevocable damage to a business’s data assets and networks. What’s worse is the damage they can do before anyone can even catch them.

New attack methods, such as social engineering and malware, must be countered by employing cutting-edge security solutions. One of the most effective security tools for identifying and preventing unforeseen dangers is artificial intelligence (AI).

  1. AI boosts threat detection and response time

Detecting threats is the first step in securing your company’s network. An ideal scenario would be if you were able to spot issues like data unreliability right away. Hence, you can rest assured that your network is protected from failure. However, detecting and responding to assaults in real-time is only possible by introducing AI to your network infrastructure. It scans your entire system for vulnerabilities. Your security operations will be easier to manage thanks to AI, which can identify threats before posing a threat.

  1. Website Authentication

A user account option is commonplace on most websites, allowing users to log in and use services or purchase products.   However, as a business, you’ll need to exercise extreme caution to ensure site protection where personal information from visitors is collected regularly.

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The additional layer of protection will keep your visitors safe while they use your network. AI can ensure secure website authentication when users want to link their accounts. Face recognition and CAPTCHA are just a few methods AI uses for identification. Using this information, it is possible to determine whether a log-in attempt is valid. Brute force and credential stuffing are two methods hackers use to access corporate networks.

  1. Improved business security

The threats to business systems evolve. Hackers are constantly re-evaluating and revising their attack patterns. As a result, defining a company’s security priorities can be complex. Your business is at constant risk of being attacked by a phishing scam, a DoS attack, ransomware, or a virus.

To deal with one of these attacks, you must first determine the type of attack. Furthermore, human error and carelessness are major weaknesses for businesses, as they hinder ensuring overall security. Using AI on your network can help you discover and avoid various dangers.

  1. AI is adept at vulnerability management

Vulnerability management is essential for safeguarding a business’s data infrastructure. Tech republic estimates that 200,000 cyber events are directed toward a medium-sized company per day.  All these threats must be detected, identified, and prevented for safety. Using AI research to analyze and evaluate current security methods can aid in vulnerability management.

Introducing AI to your security infrastructure can make assessments up to five times faster than you could with a team of human security experts. As a result, AI can easily detect weaknesses in business networks and prioritize the organization’s security. It also allows businesses to manage vulnerability and mitigate risk promptly.

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AI is on the fast track to becoming a must-have for every business sector. It offers the necessary threat analysis and detection that businesses can employ to reduce and mitigate attack risk and enhance the business security infrastructure. An additional benefit of AI is its ability to assist experts with risk assessment and the detection of malware attacks to stop them from occurring in the first place.

In today’s cutting-edge business landscape, it’s not simple to protect your data and system infrastructure from malicious attacks, especially if you lack the resources to do so. Secure the future of your business by introducing AI into your business infrastructure and stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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