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Why Do I Need to Know my BMW’s VIN?




There is more to know about a vehicle when you want to look into the details. Going around checking the features is one thing but that does not uncover all the vital details you need. BMWs are sophisticated cars and knowing their full specifications requires a code that will help in identification.

That also applies to other cars as well. With that, you may want to know about a BMW’s VIN and what it says about the car. The VIN tells you everything from when the car was manufactured to its history where the latter is vital if it’s a used car.

This article will shed light on the BMW’s VIN and why you need to know it before it helps you uncover the car’s specifications.


Reasons Why You Need to Know the BMW’s VIN

If this is your dream car, then you have a car that redefines your driving experience. However, it’s not okay to drive the BMW when you don’t know its full features and what else the seller didn’t tell you.

Let’s see what that VIN on the door jamb, under the hood or on the driver’s side of the dashboard will show you. If you don’t know where to look, check the areas we have just mentioned and the car’s paperwork.

Once you see it, ensure that it has 17 characters and they are the same all through.

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Tracing the BMW’s Production and Delivery

Did you just order a new BMW from the factory? It’s much exciting if it’s custom-made but you will have to wait longer than you thought. The dealership may not give you all the details, and that is where you need the VIN.

As the production continues, it’s essential to ask for the VIN to know what is happening on the BMW as the making continues. Using the VIN on a web based VIN decoder will show you what the manufacturer includes, and you can track it to the dealership shop.

The BMW company has a norm of updating their car’s information immediately after the productions start. That means you will know about the date of manufacture and how close the assemblers are to getting the car ready.

BMW VIN Decoder

Checking on the VIN also quenches your impatience thirst. You may get a feeling that the manufacturer is taking longer. The decoder will show you the vehicle’s current stage and when you should expect it.

After the production, the VIN will help trace the car to the delivery. You can use the number to track the shipment and the freight records. That way, you will know the expected date to contact the dealership upon arrival.

Knowing the BMW’s Service History

Is the BMW a used vehicle? Well, the VIN will now track everything from production to the past ownership. It’s a great deal to know such information to ensure that the car is roadworthy and you will not be landing in trouble on the next police stop.

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The owner or seller will present you with a bunch of paperwork. From those who know better, the information you get will not include everything. Having the VIN will show you how the BMW has been maintained and the right parts to order when the need arises.

You will also know other things such as:

  • The car’s current market value
  • The mileage
  • Accidents and crime involvement
  • Past ownership
  • Lien and repossession

The history will roll out all the information based on what’s updated about the car. In maintenance, for example, you will get the details entered by a BMW technician. If there were unrecorded repairs, you would not know about it.

The history is also essential to the mechanics who will be attending to the car afterward. So, apart from learning more about the vehicle, the repair is also done based on proven records.

Getting the Right BMW Parts

If you are finding new parts for your BMW, you need the exact ones for your car regardless of having similar models in the series. BMWs are exceptionally customized cars built with specific configurations, and that means you have to be right based on the technology used.

The best way to get the right parts is using the vehicle’s VIN. That way, you or the mechanic will know what to order and where to get it. A VIN will tell you about the parts via the fourth to the eighth characters, including the safety information.

You have to identify the correct parts for your car to prevent configuration problems as your drive. You can compare the results you find using various VIN decoding websites. There are free ones, and the car’s manufacturer or assembly plant should also help you obtain the information.

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Solving Disputes

A BMW is quite a classy car, but that does not mean you cannot get into trouble with it. Cars are stolen every day, and the authorities lay out the reports every year. In other cases, they may be involved in crime before the resale.

It may not be an issue for the new cars, but for the used ones, it is. A VIN can identify such problems if they have been reported and updated in online databases. On some decoding websites, you can get pictures posted by individual contributors about the car.

If the BMW was involved in an accident, impaired driving, or a crime scene, it’s possible to get such information and the supporting images. Getting this information before purchasing the car is much better.

Why? Because once you own the car, all the unsolved troubles will fall into your hands. The worst part is paying for speeding tickets, clearing loans if the car was on one, and having a case to answer if the vehicle is involved in a filed legal dispute.

Once you find out the BMW is unroadworthy, just walk away to avoid dealing with horrible uncertainties.


We hope the above points will give you enough reasons to check on your BMW’s VIN. It’s a 17-digit code that will tell you more about the car. The best part is to know if the vehicle has a legit code via the VIN’s ninth character.

Now, proceed to collect your BMW’s VIN and see what it contains.

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