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5 Electric Scooter Tips That Only Pro Riders Know



Electric Scooter Tips

An electric scooter is really an interesting experience for most people who use it. Aside from it being a form of a new adventure, it has been considered as a new mode of transportation that’s more convenient both for the city and in rural settings as well. If you have been using an electric scooter for quite some time now, you can really say that it’s uncomplicated to use. You can even learn the basics in a span of minutes.

However, there are more things that an electric scooter can do that you don’t know yet, and you may wish you knew sooner. To give you a glimpse of it, here are five advanced electric scooter tips that will surely improve your experience.


  1. Keep your body straight and as relaxed as possible.

Proper posture is a must when riding an electric scooter. However, when doing tricks, most people disregard the importance of it. This tip is very beneficial, most especially for individuals who struggle with back pain. When you slouch during the entire time of using your electric scooter, you’ll easily get tensed and might get out of balance.

  1. The scooter specs matter depending on the purpose

What’s your purpose in buying a scooter? Pro riders know that it’s not about buying the most expensive one in the market. In fact, it’s more about what you’re going to use it for. If you’re looking forward to riding on rough terrain, then off-road scooters are your best bet — and these are likely more expensive.

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However, if you’re just going to be using your scooter as a ride to work in a city setting, then you might not need such a heavy-hitter. Something like the Turboant X7 Pro would be more than enough for your needs. This model covers the basics, such as pneumatic tires, a decent climbing capacity, and some form of weather resistance. Here’s a more in-depth review of the Turboant X7 Pro scooter if you want to learn more about this model.

  1. Keep one finger on the brake lever.

Brakes are essential since there are really unexpected instances along the way, and it’s better to be prepared as always. Keeping at least one finger on the brake lever will surely reduce your response time when something unpredictable happens. This will decrease the possibility of almost accidents.

  1. On slippery surfaces, make yourself heavier.

Now, one of the most usual tips when riding a scooter is to make yourself lighter in order for you to maneuver the device easily. However, it’s not the case on slippery surfaces. To avoid getting into accidents during the wet weather, always ensure to slow down as much as possible and put more weight than usual. This tip will prevent you from falling and slipping.

  1. Lean back when going downhill.

Leaning back is often referred to as the proper braking technique. When going downhill, leaning back allows you to transfer the center of gravity on your back, allowing the scooter to brake easily without being off-balanced. Thus, it keeps you away from serious accidents that usually happen downhill.

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Final Words

Those are some pro tips that you can apply aside from wearing safety gear and following the law, which is very important as well. Moreover, the key to a better experience when riding an electric scooter is prioritizing safety over fun. Follow those tips, and you’re good to go.

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