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18 Boho Decor Ideas For Making An Eclectic Bohemian Home In 2022



Boho Decor Ideas

Are you a free spirit in love with natural materials and color? Then, the bohemian or boho style could be your perfect home décor inspiration.

Boho style is about an artistic, eclectic lifestyle that has no rules. And boho décor is typically associated with natural materials like rattan and linen, and laid-back, relaxing living space. Boho décor often mixes all sorts of textures, patterns, and colors wherever and whenever desired. Layered fabrics and vintage furniture are ideal options to create a bohemian home.

There are a bunch of inspirations for creating a boho space, and today we’d like to introduce a few ideas for those who want to make an eclectic bohemian home.


Boho Furniture

Carved Wood Table

Boho furniture is all about natural elements, and wood is an excellent option for making bohemian furniture. Be it a plain earthy coffee table or a carved wood end table with intricate designs, its natural texture will bring a perfect boho touch.

Rattan Chair

Rattan is also a classic material for boho furniture since it will add a natural touch and color to the space. Start with a rattan accent chair of any design and make it your first bohemian seating.

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Moroccan Pouf

Boho chic is also about staying grounded and low-key, and you can achieve this with the right accent seating. So put aside the modern, angular chairs and find some soft, textured, or leather poufs of Moroccan style. They will meet your expectations.

Swing Hammock

A swing hammock is a simple way to decorate your indoor space or outdoor porch in boho style. Handwoven hammocks with fringes or macrame will add a soft texture, while an egg hammock made from rattan and wicker can create a cozy perch.

Boho Textiles

Boho Rug Pic

There are many bohemian rugs to choose from. Shaggy, neutral area rugs with a simple cut will offer a relaxed, laid-back look on your floor. And if you’d like to add some textures and colors to your space, go for a colorful rug full of mixed patterns and designs.

Boho Rug Pic

Handwoven & Embroidered Throw Pillows

It’s time to layer on some comfy boho throw pillows for your sofa and lounge. To make a fresh, neutral bohemian living room, these GeeComfy handwoven boho pillows are excellent choices. Delicate knots and macrame will create a romantic boho vibe. If you are apt for vibrant colors, embroidered boho pillow covers with tufted patterns and playful tassels are perfect options.

Embroidered Throw Pillows

Boho Curtains

You can use sheer white curtains on the windows to enhance the light and neutral atmosphere as well filter the beautiful sunlight. It’s also a good idea to stretch and hang a vintage, patterned curtain to match your other décor and create a fantasy space.

Boho Curtains

Boho Bedding

Bohemian comforters and blankets in bright colors and vintage textiles are often popular choices to make a boho bed. Add a vibrant, detailed layer on your neutral linen sheets and let it drape down to echo your colorful bohemian area rug. What a wonderful bohemian bedroom!

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Boho Lighting

Boho Table Lamp

Boho lighting is not only a set of candles. A variety of lighting fixtures made from natural linen, rattan, bamboo, or silver metals would be a more modern approach. Choose one and put it on your carved wood table, and you are a step closer to a bohemian room.

Bohemian Lantern

You may want some novelty lighting fixtures instead of an ordinary table lamp. Then a bohemian lantern will help you make it. Find a round rattan lantern standing beside your bed to grace your room. Or you can get a series of Moroccan-style silver metal lanterns as a great addition.

Beaded Chandelier Pic 21-22

Beads and pendants are typical boho decorations, so you can find something bringing them together. A high or low-hanging beaded chandelier would be a great choice to give you the perfect boho vibe. And you can even craft your own with proper DIY instructions.

String Lights

Hang up some boho string lights on the ceiling right above your bed. They will provide soothing lighting and a fairy boho atmosphere for your room. Also, you may get them around the other boho decor, your tapestry, for instance, to highlight them with warm lighting.

Boho Wall Décor

Botanical Prints & Wallpaper

The wall extends the space of your room, so do not ignore it. Why not install a beautiful floral mural or put on some framed prints to add some botanical elements to your room? To match the overall boho vibe, you can also customize a themed wallpaper.

Macrame Wall Tapestry

As a textile knotting technique, macrame is widely used to create stunning pendant lights and hanging decorations. A macrame wall tapestry is the simplest way to make your wall a bohemian look. Just remember to choose a color that goes with the other décor.

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Woven Wall Art

Not all of us want a regular gallery wall. Then try it with woven wall arts. Find some woven framed mirrors of different shapes or hang a dozen round woven baskets of different sizes and colors in a random, artistic manner. They will give you the bohemian chic you want.

Metallic Wall Art

Go bold with some structural metallic wall sculpture and art décor to add dimension and intrigue. Exquisite golden sculpture would grace your room. Colorful floral metal décor can enhance the rustic theme. Want some playful touch? Try metal animal crafts.

Nature Accents

Plants & Succulents

Boho style is all about nature. Therefore, botanical elements such as green plants, flowers, indoor trees, and succulents are must-have items to finish your boho house. You can either add large indoor plants to accentuate the natural theme or scatter small succulents around as green embellishments.

 Pampas & Dried Flowers

Bring home some pampas grass and put them into an elegant-designed vase. Let the neutral, earthy color and fluffy looking add a touch of soft, gentle glamour to your space. What also works well is a bouquet of dried flowers. Choose a bouquet with the themed color of your room, and it can stay as long as you want.

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