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Top Window and Door Trends of 2022 to Inspire You



Window and Door Trends

Windows and doors don’t always get a lot of love in the home. Once they’re there, they’re there. If working effectively, there’s not always a reason to notice or pay attention to them. But that might be changing.

People often only consider how their windows and doors look when getting new ones. Now, more than ever, people are opting to use their windows and doors to make a statement rather than stay in the background and let other elements shine.

Doors and windows play an essential role in the home, allowing for entry and exit, fresh air, natural light and more. While they’re already multifunctioning, why not add stylish to that list? Let’s look at some of the most popular window and door trends of 2022.


Black Frames

For many years interior design trends have been towards white and very light neutral colors, but the trend of a splash of black is growing quickly in popularity. White and light colors are still prominent on walls and other elements, and adding pops of black creates a bold difference in interior design. While this can be smaller accents like black fixtures and furniture, black is also overtaking window frames and trim.

It’s a look that works well in various settings, although inspired by a modern farmhouse look. It serves to create a bit of a dramatic flair in the decor without being too overpowering, and homeowners are loving it.

Another pro of this trend is that because the black frames are their own statement, it eliminates the need for window treatments, as long as privacy isn’t an issue.

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Bright Doors

The front door of a home is often the first part of the house visitors, and guests see up close, so it makes sense to make it stand out. Additionally, it’s nice to be welcomed home to a beautiful house; few things are more welcoming than a bright pop of color. Reds, blues and yellows are all increasing in popularity and likely will remain for a while. The added boost to curb appeal doesn’t hurt either.

Go Big

It seems the world realized it was taking the great outdoors for granted during lockdowns, and no one wants to make that mistake again. The trend of blending indoor and outdoor spaces continues to grow, making large windows, skylights, sliding patio doors and front doors with sidelights extremely popular. These options help to create a feeling of being in nature even when indoors. The abundance of natural light they bring isn’t exactly a dealbreaker either.


As consumers seek more environmentally friendly options for all purchases, this extends to interior design as well. Expect to see more recycled materials used, as well as an increased focus on energy ratings and better insulation. These features not only make your home more efficient but also help to make your home more comfortable. Another benefit is that you’re heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm or cool, reducing your energy bills and consumption.

Use these trends to inspire you when it comes time to replace your windows and doors.

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