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Shining a Light on the 8 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Going Solar



Going Solar

According to Going Solar, an expert resource on solar energy, converting to solar energy is a good idea for the environment and your wallet. However, you must go into the process of switching with your eyes open. Keep reading to learn what mistakes to avoid when you switch to solar power with that in mind.


Not getting more than one quote

Like any other home improvement project, you should be shopping around before committing. Solar companies and contractors in your area will have different prices for their services.

Make sure to solicit multiple quotes so you know how much your project will cost, what the experts in your area have to offer, and what you can expect as you go solar.

Not understanding warranties

“Wait, isn’t this a lifetime deal?” No, it’s not. Like most things, solar panels have a lifespan, and your warranty isn’t going to change that. Warranties can last up to twelve years, but proper care and maintenance can quickly help your solar panels live beyond that.

Underestimating your energy consumption

You might think you can save money on going solar by low-balling your needs, but you’re only hurting yourself long-term if you do. Your goal going into solar should be to offset your electrical needs 100%, and it’s okay if you go a little higher.

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As long as you avoid a third-party electrical supplier, net metering means that you’re guaranteed money back on your excess electricity. Low-balling just means that you’ll still have a utility to pay at the end of the year.

Not Choosing a Local Solar Provider

Neglecting to choose a local solar provider is a common mistake many individuals and businesses make during the transition to solar power. Local companies offer in-depth knowledge of regional regulations and environmental conditions, ensuring a smoother, more tailored service.

Moreover, their proximity allows for accessible communication and swift response times for service and maintenance, averting potential delays and logistical challenges often encountered with distant providers. Thus, selecting a solar panel company near you ensures a more efficient and customized installation process.

Treating it like a DIY project

If you’re a handy person and you like fixing things up around the house, this may seem like just another home improvement project you can do yourself. The truth is, this is one of those niche projects that needs to stay that way. Solar power involves installing solar panels, which is more complicated than it sounds.

Contractors and companies are well educated on the weight of solar panels, the structure and support they need to be safe, where they should install them to maximize efficiency, and so much more. Taking this on yourself is more likely to cost you money than saving it, which relates to the next most common mistake.

Going for the cheapest option

It’s easy to shop for panels and installation services and be overwhelmed by the costs, but bargain shopping isn’t what you want to do here. Going solar is an investment and one you need to take seriously.

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A low-cost company may not be the end of the world, but they need to have a history of success and be well-reviewed. If you’re worried about the costs, the next section is just for you.

Not utilizing incentives

Solar power is exploding on the market right now, which means that there are a lot of incentives out there for homeowners like yourself to take advantage of, so make sure you do.

States like Arizona are contributing thousands of dollars to help homeowners switch to solar, and banks are offering particular loans to help cover the upfront costs. Take advantage of what’s out there to get what you want out of solar.

Waiting for the right time

Here’s the thing. Solar may be the energy of the future, but the right time is now. Incentives and loans are only so common and easy to use because the market is still fresh and new.

The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you’re going to miss out on the programs that’ll help you offset your costs and jump into this money-saving home improvement project. So what’s stopping you?

Wrap up

Going solar is a massive project, so put in the time to make sure you do it right. Find the contractor and products that will best serve you, take advantage of incentives and loans, and get ready for a home improvement project that’s going to save you more than it costs.

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