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Six Reasons Why you should Change your Mattress for Sound Sleep



Change your Mattress for Sound Sleep

With time, it becomes important to change your mattress for having a sound sleep at night after a tiring day at work or doing all the household work. People think a lot before changing their mattresses and think about the time they spend on the mattress. People should also consider the point that a good sleep at night is important for general well-being as well, and investing in a mattress is not a bad idea. For investing in a mattress, you need to realize when it is the correct time to change the mattress. To better understand the correct time of changing the mattress, below are six reasons why one should change their mattress for sound sleep.


  1.  Sagginess of the Mattress

If your mattress seems to be too disfigured, unarguably, it says that the mattress is too worn out and not fit enough for further use. The sagginess of the mattress also depends on the difference between queen size and king size bed as it would start appearing on the queen size mattress below the sleeping area, around the ages or sometimes both. When it comes to a king-size bed, the springs in the mattress may sometimes break down and sag.

Sagginess of the Mattress

  1.  The lifespan of a Mattress

As per the research done, it has been found that a mattress has an average lifespan of around 8 – 10 years. The lifespan of a mattress depends on several factors such as the type of manufacturer, the type of mattress, whether you are sleeping alone or with your partner and the way you sleep. If you are a comparatively bigger person in height, your mattress may wear out faster than the manufacturer’s instruction says. A mattress cannot last forever and at one point would start to look like an aged mattress, and that would be a time when you should realize that it’s time to pick the right mattress.

  1.  Body Impressions

A mattress can be compared to a marshmallow. When sleeping on a new and fresh mattress, it seems like the mattress is bouncing you back like when you press a marshmallow. After sleeping for years on the mattress and spending thousands of hours on that mattress, putting pressure on the same area for all these hours creates a lasting impression on the mattress, and eventually, you won’t be bouncing back on the mattress. You would find yourself sleeping in a depression, and this would be the time to change the mattress for getting sound sleep.

  1.  Spine not aligned when you sleep

As compared to the new mattress, old mattresses cannot provide the correct support and alignment of the spinal cord, which would not support the optimal sleep required for a person. For those sleeping on their sides, their spine should be kept flat and straight from the neck till the waist with the right head support. For correcting the minor problems, a good pillow is enough, but if you find that your hand can slide between the body and the mattress when you are sleeping, it’s time for you to get a new mattress to ensure sound sleep.

  1.  Uncomfortable Mattress

Many people know that their mattress is uncomfortable but still choose to live, sleep, and adapt to the discomfort. Suppose a person feels better off at a hotel or a friend’s place while sleeping, it’s time for him to realize that the bed he uses at home is not comfortable for him and it’s time for him to change. The upper part of every mattress is equipped with comfort layers, and a person must choose a mattress capable enough to support the body and relieve the pressure.

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Uncomfortable Mattress

  1.  Dust Mites

If a person thinks he is sleeping alone, he might tell me wrong as he may be sleeping with millions of dust mites and the number increases with the age of the mattress. Dust mites are microscopic arthropods associated with spiders that feed on small dead skin debris, which is shed by a human body when sleeping. Dust Mites have been found to survive in warm, humid places, so they probably love your bed as well.


Investing in a new mattress may seem absurd to some people, and they may think that a bit of discomfort would hardly matter. Still, deformity in having a sound sleep at night can irritate throughout the day and eventually cause anger issues. If the age of your mattress has crossed more than ten years, it is the best time to change your mattress because the discomfort caused by such mattresses is unbearable, and eventually, you may find yourself changing sides at night while hunting for sleep.

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