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5 Causes of Potential Freezer Malfunctions



Potential Freezer Malfunctions

The health and safety of your family depend on your freezer. You have a problem if the food in your freezer is not completely frozen. Likewise, if frost is accumulating in your freezer or water is leaking, then something is clearly wrong. In this article, we’ll look at a few signs that your freezer may exhibit and what causes them.

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Buildup of frost

Frost accumulation is often quite bothersome. Your freezer’s storage capacity is reduced, and it might retain smells or promote freezer burn. Frost accumulation may be a sign of several problems. It can be the consequence of a misaligned refrigerator, bad seals, unclean coils, or a clogged freezer drain.

Freezer Not Freezing

If the food is not frozen, you risk getting sick and losing food. Inspect the coils. If they are clean, the starter may not be working properly, or there may be a problem with the evaporator fan motor. You’ll need one of the professionals at your local appliance repair company to fix these problems.

Freezer Is Always Running

Your freezer is working too hard? You are wasting money because of electricity consumption. The temperature may be too low, so check it. Otherwise, it could be the evaporator or condenser fan motor. This kind of repair requires the expertise of your local appliance repair company.

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A clicking noise

If your freezer starts to click, you should contact a local appliance repair company. It’s probably not something that can be fixed quickly. It can be a starting relay that has to be repaired, or it might mean that coolant is not flowing correctly through the coils. In any case, it is a problem that has to be handled by experts.

Freezer Water Leaks

If water is dripping only from the freezer compartment and not from the refrigerator, the defrost drain is probably clogged or frozen. To open the freezer drain and see if there is an obvious obstruction, you can remove the lid. If so, remove it.

Frozen Drain for Defrosting

Call a local appliance repair company if you don’t want to remove the freezer covers to reveal the defrost drain or if you’re concerned about what you could uncover. The drain strap can have come loose or worn out, in addition to the common problems with the defrost drain described above. If that’s the case, a local appliance repair company can repair or replace it.

These issues are all signs of a larger problem. Here are five potential causes for your freezer’s malfunction.

  1. The fridge position. For the air to circulate, the refrigerator has to be placed a little bit away from the wall. There must be enough space for the compressor’s heat to disperse.
  2. Temperature. Occasionally, the temperature setting is accidentally changed. Your freezer should be adjusted at 0º to keep food properly frozen. To keep an eye on the temperature in your freezer, it is a good idea to put a thermometer there.
  3. Seals on freezer doors. The freezer’s seals have to be spotless and in good working order. To keep the seals intact, just wash your hands with soap and water before applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly.
  4. Coils. Condenser coils could get soiled and filthy. To clear the debris, use a vacuum.
  5. Drain defrost. The defrost drain might freeze or get plugged. Unplug the refrigerator and take the freezer covers off to access the drain in this circumstance. As soon as water leaks into the drain pan under the refrigerator, fill the drain again with hot water. This will help with the ice and possibly clear the clog. If necessary, use soapy water mixed with a little ammonia.
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You don’t want to gamble with the health of your family. Call the specialists at a local appliance repair company if you have any worries, and they’ll be able to identify and resolve the issue.

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