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Which Appliance Use Most of the Electricity



Appliance Use Most of the Electricity

More than humans, we get so connected with electronic appliances and gadgets that we can’t neglect them completely. If so, our life will be the same as 20 years ago without home appliances. The electricity rate will heat up with extreme prices if you are living in a place that has extremely low or high temperatures. Apart from the temperature of your living area, it is also based on how many hours a particular appliance is running. Some appliances such as AC, fridge, or oven may even run 24/7, such appliances may hike the electricity bill to peak.

Usage of electricity by your appliances may differ based on two factors one is internal and the other is external:

  • According to your need and according to your purpose
  • The next factor is based on the climatic weather condition in your living place.


1. Washing machines with dryer

Washing machines will be used highly per month when you are in a joint family. Washing machines won’t consume more electricity if you are using them only for washing apart from drying. The use of dryers can be avoided in summer times; simply drying wet clothes in sunny places will help clothes to dry up quickly.

2. Dishwasher

This appliance is not so popular but it can be found in luxurious or in foreign houses. As we humans consume food every day, this appliance will be required in everyday life routines. Also cleaning vessels with this machine includes many processes inside. Most of the dishwashers are using heat water to remove the stain in vessels easily. Making hot water inside the machines may absolutely consume more electricity. The only way to reduce electricity in the dishwasher is by cleaning up small utensils and vessels with our hands.

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3. Computers

You have noticed the cost of electricity because of work from home activities. Almost every working human being will be sitting in front of a computer for the whole day. It is not recommended to use big devices like desktops when you are concerned about your monthly electricity bill. Using laptops may not cost as much as desktops and computers do.

4. Televisions

No matter how many technological developments happen, television will remain inseparable from our daily lives. You may be unaware of this, television will consume electricity even when they are off. So, it is always better to unplug the television plug from the socket, whenever it’s not in use. Doing this may reduce your monthly electricity bill, I recommend you to perform this tip in your home.

5. Micro oven

Like dishwashers, this appliance is also rare. Micro ovens are the best appliance to make cooking easier with some appliances being manufactured with self-cleaning functions. Although they are reducing our work a lot, they add up several units on your electricity meter. Micro ovens use electricity even when we are not using it like television, so you should unplug ovens after use.

6. Refrigerators

Refrigerators become an essential appliance in everyday life. Going with new models will always help you in reducing the monthly bills. It is suggested to keep the temperature a bit higher in refrigerators if you are not having cold beverages and foods like icecreams, milkshakes. Another important thing you have to notice while buying refrigerators is to keep an eye on energy star certification. Energy star certification is important to have a protective environment.

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7. Air conditioner

Without a doubt, we can strongly affirm air conditioners are one of the major causes for increased electricity. Since it is unavoidable we can’t try to reduce the use of air conditioners. Before purchasing an AC, we should check 5-star energy saving ratings on air conditioners to reduce our monthly electricity bill.

8. Heaters and water heaters

Heaters and water heaters are the two appliances that account for most of the electricity bills. Using heaters in routine life leads to more consumption of electricity. This appliance is needed only at seasonal times, for such times we can even heat water in induction stoves. Using inductions may not cost as much as a water heater.

Sometimes over consumption may happen due to repairs or problems in the appliance for such cases you can contact

Ways to reduce electricity bill

There are several ways to reduce the electricity bill price by investing and also not by investing. Let’s see both of them in detail

Install solar panels

This is one of the best options to reduce electricity bills. Installing solar panels is much easier to do, this will be very useful at summer times.

Wall paints

Lighter wall paints have a higher impact on the temperature, light color paints at summer times are very useful to maintain the atmosphere cool. Light paint walls also assist our mind to be calm.

LED lights

Like solar lights, this is also the best option because it reduces the electricity consumption up to 90 percent when compared to the normal bulb or light.

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Till now we have seen about high electricity consuming appliances and ways to reduce electricity bills. Now we are here to see how to save electricity without spending or investing.

Save electricity at no cost

  1. Turn off lights if it’s not needed.
  2. Use table lights while working or studying.
  3. Skip the drying process in the washing machine at sunny times.
  4. Always wait till your laundry gets full to wash in machines.
  5. Use natural lights as much as possible in day times.

These are some of the small things that will bring you more change when checking bills annually. Without a doubt, I can say your electricity bill will be reduced more than 10 percent than usual. More than protecting your money starts being a bit concerned about nature too.


Do you spot which of your appliances consumes more electricity? If not, spot them immediately and find the ways above to reduce electricity consumption. Also, don’t forget to follow the common steps mentioned to reduce the electricity consumption, you will find more difference in the bill once you start to follow those steps.

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