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Chaney Jones: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Career, Family, Ethnicity, Boyfriend & Net Worth



Chaney Jones

Chaney Jones is a 24-year-old American famous Instagram influencer, television presenter, and social media celebrity recently mentioned in news stories due to her romantic relationship with pop star Kanye West. The pair were recently photographed in black outfits and big sunnies.

Jones has also been the manager and proprietor of a popular health and fitness company that provides mental health counseling for its clients. Alongside her professional modeling career, Chaney Jones hit the spotlight in February 2022 following her attendance at Kanye West’s listening event.

The media immediately noticed her with her black outfit, which resembled Kim Kardashian. Jones is a popular social media star with a big website following. This article will explain how Chaney Jones accumulated $27 million.


Age & Early Life

Chaney Jones was born and raised in America. She was born in the United States of America on 29 August 1997. She was 24 years old as of the year 2021. According to reports, she received her primary education at a local school. She attended a prestigious university following her graduation from high school.

She posted via her Instagram account that she was an undergraduate with a bachelor’s degree. It also plans to pursue an MBA. In addition, she has yet to divulge the nature of her studies or the educational institutions.

Personal Life

However, Jones isn’t providing any details regarding her past relationships or if she’s currently married. However, according to the information in one of her Instagram posts, she was attending Kanye West’s listening event to his forthcoming album, dubbed “Donda 2.”

The two were also spotted wearing identical outfits, prompting speculation that the two may be dating. After sharing her photos with the pop star, Jones began trending on the internet, as people started saying that she resembled Kim Kardashian, especially with her dressing style.

Chaney Jones picture

Chaney Jones is a popular social media celebrity and Instagram model with more than 150k fans on Instagram. It’s also evident from most of her postings on social media that she is fond of traveling to various locations and taking in stunning scenery with her family and friends. Chaney Jones has not been married, and she has no children.

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Chaney Jones started her modeling career professionally by uploading videos to her Instagram page. Then, she became famous for her dance videos, lip-syncs, and comedy videos posted on TikTok. Jones has been an actress for various private and public companies, including SUWOO, KY Boutique, and many more.

One of her primary personal pursuits is advocating for mental health. Chaney is also the director of an extremely highly successful Health and Fitness organization, offering her clients trustworthy psychological health counseling services. Chaney also made much money from editorial work for various magazines and designers.

Jones recently announced an initiative to assist those suffering from mental illnesses. In November, she launched the First State Behavioral Health mental health center that primarily aims to help those suffering from mental health issues. Chaney Jones has also raised her net worth by participating in various ventures for business and advertising shoots.

Chaney Jones Nationality and Ethnicity

The mannequin was born and raised in America. Being a perpetual resident of America, she is a holder of American nationality, and her ethnicity is believed to be mixed. Jones is a devoted follower of the Christian faith, which is the most popular in America. Her hometown and birthplace are currently off the radar of the media. The major points about the two will likely be kept up-to-date in the next news.


Chaney is the child of Avon Jones and Nicole Jones. She is her father’s CEO for First State Behavior Health, while her mother works as an administrator at an elementary school. There is a brother called Tre Jones, who is living with her.

Height And Weight

Chaney Jones stands 5′ 7 inches tall. Her body weighs 64 pounds. Chaney Jones has dark brown hair and a dark eye color. Chaney has a captivating personality. She is beautiful whenever she shows her stunning hot feet and legs in cute short-length dresses. Also, her body is slim. Her body measurements are 34-26-35 inches.

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The model recently came into the spotlight after hip-hop rapper billionaire Kanye West caught her. Ye and Chaney were seen together at Nobu in Malibu. The photos left their fans in awe with their hilarious antics. Chaney Jones is seen in an outfit that makes her look like Kanye West’s former wife, Kim Kardashian. Kanye West was previously reported to be in the process of courting Julia Fox.

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Chaney Jones Relationship

The couple is believed to have split up in the same way that Julia removed all pictures of herself and Kanye from her Instagram. Chaney Jones, as well as Kanye West’s courtship details, are only speculation for the moment since there is no official confirmation of either side.


In recent times, Chaney Jones has been the talk of the town on the internet following her appearance after she was photographed with a famous musician along with American hip-hop artist Kanye West. According to the Sun, they were having a lot of fun together. On a Monday night, Kanye and Chaney were photographed wearing almost the same all-black ensemble, with Chaney wearing long black hair with wavy curls and finishing the outfit wearing dark blue sunglasses.

Following Kanye’s concert in which he launched his new album, the internet went on fire with people who claimed that Chaney Jones resembled Kim Kardashian. Others claimed that she underwent several plastic surgeries to make her like Kim. There is a rumor that Kanye West and Chaney Jones will be together in February 2022.

The drama will surely follow throughout the Kardashian lives, with Chaney Jones, the American rapper, prominent due to his controversial statements and his selection of females such as Julia Fox, Irina Shayk, and Kim like Chaney Jones.

Social Media

Jones is well-known as most well-known as an Instagram fashion model as well as a social media star. Jones has 150k followers on Instagram due to reports that she’s engaged to Kanye West. According to her social media accounts, she often travels with her friends to various beautiful locations.

Net Worth

Based on Leedaily, Chaney Jones is believed to have an estimated net worth of $27 million. This 27-year-old Instagram model earned this huge wealth through various profits from promotions for products and ads that she was featured in.

As we mentioned previously, Chaney is the owner of a successful Health and Fitness Center that provides reliable medical assistance for those who have mental illnesses. This has significantly contributed to boosting her net worth through the profits made by the health center.

Jones is an extremely well-known social media influencer, with thousands of people following her on various social media channels, which has allowed her to act as an ambassador for many companies looking to market their products. Some magazines or designers have enlisted her to work on editorial projects.

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  • Swimming is among her favorite activities when she has some spare time.
  • Traveling to other countries is a favorite pastime of hers. She often shares photos with her followers.
  • Chaney is a horse lover and has shared a few photos of her riding horses.
  • Her work has been featured in various magazines and was designed by various designers.
  • She and her friends enjoy visiting beautiful cities together.
  • She has a huge collection of books in her home.
  • Jones takes great care of her hands and nails.
  • In celebrations, she dresses as a liquor store owner. She also drinks alcohol concealed as liquor.
  • The tiny tattoos she is sporting on her back beneath her cleavage and collarbone are just one of the numerous tattoos she has tattooed across her body.

Final Words

Chaney Jones a 24-year-old social media sensation and a popular American model that has appeared in numerous promotional campaigns for products. Jones became famous after being photographed with American singer and celebrity Kanye West at his listening party while debuting his new album.

Her popularity grew after Twitter users tweeted that she was a model for Kim Kardashian. However, some claim she spent thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian.

Chaney Jones is also a highly successful entrepreneur. She’s been involved in numerous business and commercial ventures that have significantly raised her value of $27 million.


Who is Chaney Jones?

Chaney is an extremely well-known social media celebrity, Instagram influencer, model, and media persona. It is an incredibly popular American media persona. Chaney is also well-known for her lifestyle, content, modeling, and lifestyle. She also serves as The Chief Operating Officer for First State Behavioral Health.

What is the age of Chaney Jones?

At present, she will be 24 years old at the time of 2022.

Why is Chaney Jones famous?

Chaney is an American Instagram model and star with a following that includes fashion travel, modeling, and lifestyle. Apart from her position as the CEO of First State Behavioral Health, she also serves as its chief operating officer.

Her stunning figure and appealing look have made her well-known in the United States. The month of February 2022 was when she became famous for her dress worn at Kanye West’s listener’s gathering. In the news, the relationship between Chaney and Kanye West has garnered attention.

How tall is Chaney Jones?

Chaney is five feet seven inches, or 170 centimeters tall.

Where was Chaney Jones born?

Chaney was born in the United States.

When was Chaney Jones born?

Chaney was born on 29 August 1997.

What ethnicity is Chaney Jones?

Her ethnicity is of mixed descent.

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