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IoT Series by Yoyonline


What is IoT?

A network of physical items used to exchange data across the Internet and other systems is known as the “Internet of things.” These objects are embedded with sensors, software, and many other technologies. Around 7 billion IoT devices were being used before 2020, but the amount goes up to 10 billion by 2020. Now, experts in IoT are trying to take this amount up to 22 billion by 2025.

What technologies have made IoT possible?

The idea of IoT was developed many times ago, but experts were trying to work on technologies that should be long-lasting for IoT devices. In the recent advancement in this field, experts work with the following technologies to develop IoT devices;

Low-Cost Low Power Sensors: Low-cost and low-power sensors are being used in implementing and working IoT devices that are largely available in the market.

Cloud Computing Platforms: Cloud computing platforms made it easy for businesses and consumers to work with IoT on a large scale.

Connectivity Devices: Host and IP made the transfer of data very easy to connect the sensors with other required technologies.

Artificial Intelligence: Neural network advancement through AI made a new technology called Natual Language Processing (NLP) and is now used in IoT devices. Some AI-based IoT devices like Alexa and Siri are now used at home for ease.

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Machine Learning: Advancement in ML allows access to a variety of data stored in cloud computing, which is further used in IoT devices through ML algorithms.

Cynerio IoT series yoyonline

To secure mission-critical medical and IoT devices in hospitals and health systems, Cynerio raised $30 million in Series B funding. The money will increase Cynerio’s global market reach, its North American headquarters in New York City, and its US presence. It will also advance the company’s innovative healthcare IoT cybersecurity and asset management platform.

About Cynerio

The one-stop shop for healthcare IoT security is Cynerio. We encourage cross-organizational alignment and provide hospitals with the control, foresight, and adaptability they need to stay cyber-secure in a continuously changing threat landscape with solutions that cater to healthcare’s every IT demand, from Enterprise IoT to OT and IoMT. With extensive asset management, threat detection, and protection technologies, we enable healthcare organizations to stay compliant and control every connection on their terms so you can concentrate on healthcare’s primary priority: providing high-quality patient care.

Cynerio IoT 30m series yoyonline

Cynerio, a top supplier of cybersecurity and asset management services for the Healthcare IoT, declared today that it had raised $30 million in Series B funding. The ALIVE Israel HealthTech Fund, the country’s first health technology investment fund, overseen by former health system executives, doctors, and seasoned medtech entrepreneurs, led the investment round. Existing investors, including Swiss-based growth investor MTIP, global VC Accelmed, RDC, and Elron’s partnership with Rafael, also participated in the investment round. Co-investors will join, including a well-known UAE-based investment organization, ALIVE co-investors, and Vincent Tchenguiz’s CBG London investment company.

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With the funding, Cynerio will further its channel program, establish strategic alliances with top solution providers, and develop its clinically intelligent toolbox of means of prevention and constructive Zero Trust solutions into a full-service, responsive security platform to fully realize its vision of becoming the healthcare industry’s go-to cybersecurity and asset management solution. The money will strengthen Cynerio’s leadership position in North America and its global expansion while supporting the acceleration of technology development and improving support for its current customers.

Having partners that are fully conscious of the healthcare sector’s unique requirements is essential, particularly in light of the extraordinary challenges that COVID-19 has brought about. According to Cynerio’s CEO and co-founder, Leon Lerman, the company deeply appreciates Elron, Accelmed, and MTIP’s ongoing trust and support. We will be able to advance our product offerings to support healthcare providers with unmatched threat detection, preemptive security, and response capabilities while easing the associated operational challenges in healthcare, thanks to ALIVE’s additional financial support and knowledge of the US healthcare system.

Cyberattacks on an unprecedented scale highlight the need for strong healthcare-specific security and automated asset management solutions as COVID-19 continues to impact the global healthcare sector. Cynerio expanded from a security solution that was just focused on medical devices to a full-suite, one-stop-shop healthcare IoT cybersecurity platform that covers every attack vector on every connected device to meet and exceed their needs. The clinically intelligent platform advances IoT security beyond visibility by automating asset discovery and risk reduction. It enables healthcare teams to identify more network issues and secure their infrastructure, ensuring patient safety, data integrity, and operational continuity.

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Why is IoT important

IoT has emerged as one of the most powerful 21st-century technologies in recent years. Continuous communication between people, processes, and things is now possible thanks to connecting commonplace items—such as household appliances, automobiles, thermostats, and baby monitors—to the Internet via embedded devices.

Low-cost computers, the cloud, big data, analytics, and mobile technologies enable sharing and collecting of data by physical objects with minimal human intervention. Digital systems can record, monitor, and modify every interaction between connected entities in today’s hyper-connected environment. The physical and digital worlds collide, but they work together.

IoT at Industrial Level

IoT technology used in industrial settings is referred to as industrial IoT (IIoT), particularly when it comes to instrumenting and controlling sensors and other equipment that use cloud-based technologies. See this Titan use case PDF for a solid illustration of the IIoT. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication has recently been employed in the industry to enable wireless automation and control. However, as cloud computing and related technologies (such as analytics and machine learning) gain popularity, industries may now attain a new level of automation, enabling the development of new income streams and business models. The fourth wave of the industrial revolution, often known as Industry 4.0, is another name for IIoT. Some typical IIoT applications include the following:

  1. Connected assets and preventive and predictive maintenance
  2. Smart Manufacturing
  3. Smart cities
  4. Connected logistics
  5. Smart power grids
  6. Smart digital supply chains
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