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5 Pro Vaping Tricks You Must Try In 2021



Pro Vaping Tricks

Being able to perform awesome vaping tricks is one of the reasons some people indulge in vaping! Sure, it’s not as crucial as getting the right nicotine concentration or having a powerful vaporizer device, but vaping tricks contribute to the experience. So, you want to make sure you’re one step ahead of your friends?

Here are some vapor tricks that you must know and master to be counted as a pro vaper in your genie 7mm glass bong:

1.   Vape Rings

As a pro vaper, you must learn how to make smoke rings, which is a simple but incredible skill. Here is how to do it:

  • Puff on your vaping device and inhale the vapor while holding it in your mouth.
  • After that, make a circle with your lips and slowly expel the smoke.
  • You should place your tongue near the mouth opening for perfect vapor rings. Keep an eye on those cool rings as they flow!

The vape ring is a gratifying classic that you can perfect with little effort. You can perfect this trick by watching tutorial videos.

2. Huge vapor clouds

This is the trick par excellence. It’s straightforward after you get the hang of it.

  • Inhale substantial vapor and hold it in your lungs.
  • Then, release it by blowing it in a steady stream as gently as possible.
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3. Dragonesque

Would you wish to exhale like a dragon? You are not alone in this!

  • With this trick, take a significant hit.
  • Release it all at once via the corners of the mouth and your nose.

The best way to master this feat is to first practice blasting vapor out through both corners of your mouth before attempting the nasal exhale. It would help if you practiced how to shape your mouth appropriately to master the art of expelling the smoke all at once seamlessly.

exhale like a dragon

Image Source: Unsplash 

4. Vape bubbles

You will never think of a better vaping trick! This one is amazing if you have some free time to practice.

  • You will need a lot of soapy water, an old toilet paper roll, and your vape mod.
  • Soak one end of the old toilet paper roll, like a bubble wand, into soapy water.
  • Take a big hit, then exhale gently into the opposite end of the roll.
  • If the bubble is the size you want, poke it and observe the vapor escape!

Whoever came up with this trick, it’s brilliant!

5. Vape-Nado

Tornadoes are fantastic, but vape-nados are even better!

  • Take an enormous hit.
  • Exhale it all onto a moderately sized flat surface.
  • As the vapor expands into a stream, swirl your fingertip inside the vapor pool to create a tornado motion.
  • This trick will only work indoors, where there is no wind blowing.

Here are some tips on how to get these tricks right-

After mastering the basic vaping tricks outlined above, other tips could go a long way to help you perfect the art.

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Learn How to Control Your Speed

if you can create several vapor rings one after the other, you can blow them at varying speed and time intervals.

Control Your Speed

Image Source: Unsplash

Did you know that you can have one ring pass right through the middle of the one preceding it? Alternatively, you can have the rings follow each other in a pattern or on a crossways path. Mastering how to maintain the patterns while regulating the speed is essential for perfecting advanced tricks.

Incorporate Some Hand Action

Another important aspect is learning how to derive vapor tendrils from your mouth with your hands. It’s possible to take it a step further by shape-shifting your vapor by pushing it out into squares, triangles, and other shapes using your hands.

When performing vape tricks, even the smallest swish of air has the potential of altering the movement of your vapor cloud completely. Making shapes with your hands and blowing vapor through them is a fun way to enhance your vaping experience.

Master Your kit

If you want to learn vaping tricks, the first step is to evaluate your equipment. The appropriate vaporizer will make any trick you want to try a breeze.

MTL vape pens, for instance, will not work for most vape tricks; you will need a box mod, preferably one with an adjustable voltage setting. The quicker you can heat your vaporizer coil, the more vapor you will produce – precisely what’s needed for practicing vape tricks. For impressive tricks, you’ll need about 60w to get started.

The number one factor to consider when buying a vaporizer is the coil. You want to have a durable coil that heats up faster and one that can withstand heavy usage. Finally, think about your tank. An ideal tank comes with adjustable airflow to assist you in producing more vapor. Most tanks today have a max capacity of 2ml, which is suitable for keeping some extra juice on hand.

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Consider the E-Liquids

Comprehending the two critical ingredients in e-liquids will assist you in selecting the best one for your needs. Propylene Glycol (PG) is the additive taking responsibility for throat hit, and it’s essential for MTL vapers but less crucial for sub-ohm layouts when you desire to produce big clouds for vaping tricks.

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Consider the E-Liquids

Image Source: Unsplash

Another ingredient that is critical to enhancing vaping tricks is vegetable glycerin (VG). For the best vaping tricks, you must have a 30/70 PG: VG ratio. Most vapers will make DIY e-liquids for vaping tricks or use a liquid with 90 or 100 percent VG.

It would be best to consider the nicotine levels, especially when starting or practicing a lot. Otherwise, you may become “over-nic’ed,” which may result in you feeling a little lightheaded.


Vaping tricks you can perform with e-cigar vapor aren’t limited to what we have discussed above. To add more effects to your tricks, you can try a variety of props. The most popular tools are containers such as bowls and flat-surfaced tables making it easier for you to build up vapor.

Oh, vape tricks! It’s cool to have these nifty little tidbits that can make even the most mundane vaping session astoundingly exciting. Vaping more often helps you learn and experiment with new techniques. You will also begin to develop your unique tricks in no time!

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