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Most Popular Live Video Call APIs & SDKs to be considered for your Android, iOS & Web Apps



Live Video Call APIs& SDKs

Beginning Covid time, as the world is getting accustomed to virtualized socializing, the most convenient and simplified way adopted by all for their business and social interaction is video-based apps. The recent trends show, more and more people are utilizing video calling apps for their day-to-day communication. has traced the high volume of video communication app downloads from AppStore and GooglePlay.

With acceleration in virtual technology, video chat SDK has become a full-fledged creation, allowing organizations to go beyond traditional limitations to connect the end-users together despite WFH situation.


What is Video Call API & SDK?

Video chat API enables your device to use the real-time video connecting feature through its audio-video integration tool. The Video Chat SDK provides a set of instructions, libraries, APIs, documents, and procedures that enable the developers to effortlessly build the voice chat functionalities over their specific platform.

There are various video calling SDK and API for various platforms namely;

(1)  Video Chat API for the web platform

(2)  Video Calling API & SDK for android and iOS Platform

A video chat SDK is an entire tool fragment created for the purpose of real-time video connectivity. It comprises the tools as well as an API for the interface connectivity. These SDK and API provide technical infrastructure for the live video calling app development. Thus, in simple terms, the video chat SDK and API empower the developers to integrate the video call features in smartphones or web platforms.

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 How does Video Chat work?

The purpose of the video apps is to stream the video from the user’s camera to another device. Video communication uses the voice over Internet Protocol to function. But how exactly does it work?

The sender sends the request to the receiver over the internet, which passes through a series of protocols. The sender then approves to receive/join the call over the encoded connection. Depending on the type of connection be it peer to peer, a group call, or a broadcast; the process continues.

The capability of the video chat API is not limited to audio/video calling but is also extended to file sharing, video conferencing, broadcasting, presentations, and breakout room. This has eased out the way work from home people are working.

To achieve the best lag-free video calling experience, you must have good bandwidth and expertise to select the best video calling  API providers

How to choose the right Video Calling API & SDK for your organization?

An organization must understand which is the best SDK API tool for them. A few of the questions you may ask are;

  • Who is my target audience, and what are their needs? Can this service provider fulfill it?
  • Understanding the providers’ capability of features, functionalities, and the video call infrastructure. Does the tool support all the features I need?
  • Is the video conference API customizable and can fit to my business video collaboration? Check out the free trial opportunities of the platform.
  • Pricing is the significant parameter that the solution offers according to your user base. And make sure the video conferencing solution is encrypted and follows security and data policies.
  • Finally, the tech support of the platform matters, if there are any bugs, you should have a support team who can immediately help you.
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We have shortlisted the top 5 live video chat API providers which you can select from;

Top 5 Live Video Chat APIs & SDKs Providers for Mobile & Web Apps

  1.  CONTUS MirrorFly – Best Video Calling API & SDK Providers

Visit Website:

CONTUS MirrorFly is well known for providing a 100% customizable live video chat API & SDK solution that can be used to enable audio-visual calls in your Web and Mobile Application.

The API is platform agnostic. As an enterprise-grade user, you can select any third-party integration and integrate with its backend to add video conferencing to your chat application.

Enhance employee productivity and time efficiency through the integration of webRTC-enabled video call SDK into your existing platforms.

Create a user-friendly experience with their easy-to-use user interface.

With their lightweight setup, a lesser space is consumed.

They have a one-time license cost, so all you have to do is pay once and enjoy forever.

  1.  Pubnub – Best Real-Time Communication Solution

Visit Website:

PubNub is a Realtime Communication Platform and infrastructure-as-a-service company. It has partnered with WebRTC and Vonage for its audio-visual integration.

It is ideal for developers who are involved in building chat apps with IoT device signalling, real-time GPS location tracking, multiplayer online games & more.

Pubnub provides enterprise-grade security layers which makes it all more reliable.

The PubNub library contains the ‘Presence’ feature to see who is online/offline.

  1.  Sinch – Best In-App Video Calling  Solution

Visit Website:

Sinch Video chat SDK and API, offers swift and seamless integration of video calls in your application through a quick import of lightweight SDK, which boosts the collaboration among its user base.

The platform also offers a solution, where developers integrate voice into their app in no time using just a few lines of code.

For optimum audio quality and video selection, Sinch uses an adaptive codec selection and WebRTC API.

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Their WhatsApp-enabled messaging API enables them to scale on an existing widely used platform, in-turn increasing the reach and improving the ROI.

Their payment model works on pays as you grow, so there are no hidden charges.

  1.  Twilio – #1 Cloud Communication Platform

Twilio is a cloud communication platform that offers a programmable video API for creating real-time applications via WebRTC on a global scale.

It supports the development of open-source apps that allow businesses to configure phone numbers to route phone calls. Twilio API has is simple, reliable and, well-documented.

Create real-time video apps that scale as you grow, from free 1:1 chats with WebRTC Go to larger group rooms with many participants.

Design your own layout or choose from pre-configured options.

Leverage your telephone system in a cost-effective way and configure the phone numbers to route phone calls.

Supports users on any browser or device with SDKs for Android, iOS, and JavaScript.

  1.  QuickBlox- Instant Messaging Solution

QuickBlox is a cloud communication tool that provides modules for backend communication that allows you to add of Chat, Video Calling, and Push Notifications functionality into your mobile, web, and desktop apps.

Their Video calling app development tool provides the API, is in pace with the ever-changing technology.

You can build your own messenger with chat and video calling features in minutes using QuickBlox live video calling API and SDK. Integrate your current business processes with real‑time alerts and notifications.

It provides an instant messaging API that allows chat and calling functionality to be added to any Android, iOS, or Web application.

Wrapping Note:

The key difference in choosing the ideal solution provider to build a video calling app solely depends on your requirement, usage, the quality of the solution you demand, and specifically the business model.

To wrap it up, Video chat APIs for android, iOS, and the web is a great opportunity, as it has helped mobile application developers in saving time, money, and workforce. Since they allow implementing video features from a third-party tool, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, the work is half done, your developers can just put in the required modifications they need.

Evaluate the best video calling API providers for your software, and tri-fold your business.

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