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Tips For Choosing Best Diploma in Fashion Designing



Diploma in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is a specialization involving conceptualization, designing, and creating apparel and lifestyle accessories tailor-made to clients’ requirements. It entails research and analysis of the fashion trends, culture, customer preferences, production techniques, patterns, fabrics, and materials, etc. These analyses inspire the Fashion Designer to come up with a theme that can be the basis for the year’s collection.

Role of a Fashion Designer:

  • Market Research& Analysis to keep abreast of the new trends, techniques, materials & fabrics
  • Ideation: After understanding the brief from a client, he needs to come up with concept design ideas, themes for the upcoming season.
  • Sketching: Basis the initial discussions, he sketches his designs for initial feedback. Then using the CAD tool he creates a blueprint that is acceptable to all the relevant people and teams.
  • Selecting materials: He visits various trade shows, manufacturers, to be up to date with the available materials in the market along with the production techniques. Once the designs are finalized he is also required to identify the right material (fabric), color, pattern, texture, and durability along with the ensuing fashion trends.
  • He collaborates with teams from different departments to ensure design accuracy
  • Producing prototypes: He also needs to develop a prototype in order to see the throw of the cloth, dress flow, fittings, etc.
  • Marketing & Sales: He is involved with creating mood boards, colour boards, samples, etc. so as to market the products. He is even concerned with the pricing of the entire range.
  • He has to use his networking skills in order to not only build but also maintain relationships with clients, vendors, buyers, etc.
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Diploma in Fashion Designing

There are lots of colleges offering a diploma in Fashion Designing, however, to select the ideal course, we should keep in mind the following points::

  • College must offer its students specialization that is multi-disciplinary. Along with this, it is imperative that the skills imparted add value and are transferable or actionable while you enter the job market.
  • Experiential learning through live industry projects, internships, and fieldwork
  • Regular interaction with industry experts to not only give exposure but also learning besides perspective about international fashion, lifestyle and luxury business.
  • College must offer the courses at both under graduation level as well as post-graduation level to offer students additional support along with specialization.
  • The certification is given by the college must be recognised both at the National as well as International level, thus ensuring comprehensive placement opportunities
  • The courses must offer material collation along with proficiency in garment making.
  • College must help students build their portfolios through collaborative projects along with participation in various competitions.
  • College must have state of an art studio equipped with the latest hardware, software programs, and tools to get students job-ready on their course completion.
  • The college must be such that inspires students to innovate and use sustainable practices and environment-friendly materials besides encouraging people-centric designs
  • College must encourage a culture that motivates students to research and analyze fashion trends, customer preferences, and an understanding of socio-cultural settings

The above tips will surely help students make an informed decision about selecting the right college so that they can cruise to their dream careers.

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