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Colleen Ballinger House: Creative LA Pad



Colleen Ballinger House

If you’re a fan of the quirky and creative Colleen Ballinger, also known as Miranda Sings, then you’ll love her new house! The actress just put her LA pad on the market, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to live a creative lifestyle.

This house is ideal for up to six people. It’s also situated in a great location close to popular shopping and dining destinations. So, if you’re looking for an inspiring place to call home, this could be it. In this article, we will tell you everything about the Colleen Ballinger house.


Who is Colleen Ballinger?

Colleen Ballinger is an American and is a comedian, actress, YouTuber, writer, and also singer. She is best known for her internet character Miranda Sings, which she created in 2008. Ballinger has also appeared in several television shows and films. In 2017, she released her memoirs under the title Selp-Helf.

Early Life:

If we talk about Colleen Ballinger’s birthday then she was born in California on 21st November 1986. She is the youngest of three children. Her mother, Gwen, is a homemaker, and her father, Tim Ballinger, is a sales manager. Colleen was raised in a Mormon family and attended San Marcos High School. She later studied musical theater at Azusa Pacific University. She studied opera at the University of Miami and Berklee College of Music.

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The name of the Ballinger’s YouTube channel is, “Miranda Sings,” and she created this channel in 2008. The character is an egotistical and talentless singer who posts videos of herself singing and giving comical advice. The character was based on Ballinger’s own experience of being a bad singer. The channel has amassed over 2 billion views and 10 million subscribers.

YouTube Career:

Colleen Ballinger created the internet character Miranda Sing in 2008. The character is a talentless and egotistical singer who posts videos of herself singing on YouTube. Ballinger has appeared as Miranda Sings in several television shows and films, including Haters Back Off (2016) and Sing It! (2017).

She has also released several Miranda Sings-related products, including books, an album, and a web series. However, Ballinger has stated that she is not the same person as Miranda Sings and that she does not always enjoy playing the character.

Personal Life:

Colleen Ballinger Personal Life

Colleen Ballinger married Joshua David Evans, a singer, and YouTuber, in 2015. The couple divorced in 2016. Ballinger has two children with her ex-husband. In 2017, Ballinger announced that she was pregnant with her third child. However, in 2018 she gave birth to a girl. Ballinger has openly talked about her struggles with anxiety and depression. She has also been candid about her battle with an eating disorder.

The Colleen Ballinger House

Colleen Ballinger just put her Los Angeles house on the market for $3 million. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house is located in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The 1,600-square-foot house was built in 1948 and featured several creative details. The living room has a fireplace with a custom mantel made out of Miranda Sings merchandise. The kitchen of this house has been decorated with countertops and modern appliances.

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Specification of Colleen Ballinger House:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1,600 square feet
  • Built-in 1948
  • Located in Studio City, Los Angeles

What is the Colleen Ballinger house like?

The Colleen Ballinger House is a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house located in Los Angeles, California. The house is situated on a quiet street in a desirable neighborhood. It features a large open-plan living area with plenty of natural light. There is also a spacious kitchen, a formal dining room, and a home office. The house comes with a two-car garage and a private garden.


What is the address of colleen Ballinger’s house?

The address of the colleen Ballinger house is not publicly available. However, according to resources, the Colleen Ballinger house address is Encino, CA 91436.

How much is the colleen Ballinger house worth?

The colleen Ballinger house is worth $3 million. Besides this, the house is very beautiful and has a lot of creative details, which make it even more special.

Whom is Colleen Ballinger married to?

Colleen Ballinger is married to actor Erik Stocklin. They have one child together, a son named Flynn Timothy Stocklin.

In which part of Los Angles does Colleen Ballinger’s live?

Colleen Ballinger lives in Studio City, Los Angeles.

What is the net worth of Colleen Ballinger in 2022?

The estimated net worth of Colleen Ballinger in 2022 is $8 million.


The Colleen Ballinger house is a great option for anyone looking to live a creative lifestyle. It is situated in a great location and features several unique details. However, the house is not without its drawbacks. Overall, the Ballinger house is a great option for those looking for a unique and creative living space.

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