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CoolMoviez: Best Alternatives & Similar Websites




With the advancement in the Entertainment industry, the trends in digital media have shifted from traditional to modern modes. People instead of visiting Cinema halls prefer to stay at home and watch exclusively featured content on Mobile apps and other websites. These are the easy-to-use sources that ensure to provide non-stop entertainment and fun through amazing movies, dramas, and other relevant video content. The best part is, people, get to enjoy tons of features for free providing them with a pocket-friendly solution to afford updated entertainment. People inspired by movies love to access new and upcoming film content such as teasers, promos, trailers, and clips that are provided in a spicy way on


See What is on the Plate

Movie lovers can access and download the latest and upcoming movies through cool moviez.

An individual can also select the movie by his favorite genres like Adventure, Crime, Drama, Music, Fantasy, Erotic, Cartoon, Animation, 2nd -grade, Horror, Romance, Thriller, Action, etc. There are thousands of English movies, Bollywood movies, Hindi movies, Urdu Hindi dubbed movies, English movies, Indian dramas, Hollywood movies, Marathi movies, Bhojpuri movies, some South Indian movies, Bhojpuri movies, Bengali, and other regional content in HD quality.

Downloading video content for free, watching it later, and saving top-trending movies is something that inspires people the most. This platform that is notorious for prevailing pirated content also covers the language barriers. It allows you to watch content in your native language no matter if it is Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, English, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, etc. Due to these festivities, there are millions of users of coolmoviez in entire India and also in some other south Asian countries.

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Possible Risk Factors

While movie aspirants get to enjoy the free delights of mycoolmoviez without spending a penny, there are certain cons on the way. This set of hurdles contains the existence of a ban on the promotion of pirated content. While one may clearly experience that coolmoviez supplies costly premieres and full-fledged videos for free at the time when they are making billions in the cinema halls. A large volume of prohibited content such as upcoming films is available on coolmoviez buzz. This content is marked inappropriate by the higher authorities and does not meet the safety standards of the censor board. As a result, coolmoviez has been banned by the Government.

Beat the Heat

Since it is a torrent website, it is not possible to access its pirated data directly. Hence, people use different domains to enter the Coolmoviez world of entertainment and enjoy different types of video content such as Blockbuster movies. This website has leaked several famous movies so far. While working illegally, the chances of failure are always there. Risk factor multiples and there are chances of potential harms such as quick access to all the content you have planned to watch is denied. Similarly, all the data you have stored so far may vanish. To cope with these mishappenings, the idea of similar websites that can work as a substitute for Coolmovies is top-notch.

List of 5 Websites similar to CoolMovies

To operate cool moviez you need to get your hands on some extensions like coolmoviez in, coolmoviez live, coolmoviez net, coolmoviez com, etc. Here is a list of websites that provide the audience with similar services as Coolmoviez. From these platforms, you can download free Hindi movies, Bollywood films, Tamil, Telugu, and other Bhojpuri content without any hurdle. The performance and efficiency of these websites are similar to coolmoviez.

The list that offers major hits is given as:

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Putlocker New Site

Putlocker which started back in the UK in 2011, is a top-trending website on digital media. It allows you to enter the amazing world of Bollywood movies, TV shows, documentaries, and Hollywood movies without spending any costs. You can watch your favorite content online for free and can also download it to watch later. This website has millions of organic followers and many other websites try to mimic its performance but its efficiency and popularity are above board.


Moviesmad is a very famous website that provides visitors with new and exclusive content regarding Bollywood movies, Hindi dubbed and Urdu dubbed dramas, videos, films, etc. It is famous for its supreme audio quality and similar features. People prefer to use this platform because it is free to use and provides them with what they want. For Hollywood lovers, this website works just fine because it has tons of content related to Hollywood movies and seasons.


Filmyzilla is a hub of top Bollywood hits and it gives access to free Tamil, south Indian, Punjabi, Telugu, Marathi, and mainstream Bollywood hits. It has millions of users and contains less pirated content. There is always more to watch on filmyzilla. Just like other restricted websites, filmyzilla fans are also supposed to use alternative domains to enjoy its hits.


Moviezwap is a blessing for Tamil fans. There are various similar sites of Coolmoviez that provide Indian TV content like TV serials, live shows, dramas, news updates, and other Bollywood content like Hindi films and popular blockbuster movies. The difference is not each platform allows you to access Tamil content which has the heart of millions of people in India.

This advantage is offered by MoviezWap in the most optimum form. You can watch your favorite Tamil movies using various proxies like movieswap vip, moviezwap site, moviez wap cf, moviezwap in, moviez wap fu, and moviezwap cl, etc.

Mp4moviez Moviesming

Mp4moviez Moviesming is an all-in-one solution that offers Bollywood movies, English Movies, and South Indian movies all on one platform with the option of free download. Fans of this website suggest its use to access the latest Bengali and Punjabi movies in local languages without any hurdle. It is also an illegal website, to access its content the use of alternative domains is an idea that works. These options involve moviesming, mp4moviez club, mp4moviez blog, and mp4moviez love. Beware these proxies are blocked straight away as soon as they are caught by cybersecurity.

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What is CoolMoviez?

CoolMoviez is a website that provides movie downloads and serves as an alternative to other movie-downloading websites.

What makes CoolMoviez different from other movie-downloading websites?

CoolMoviez offers a large collection of movies in various formats and quality options, along with user-friendly navigation and frequent updates. It also provides a safe and secure platform for downloading movies.

Is CoolMoviez a free website?

Yes, CoolMoviez is a free website, and users can download movies without paying any fees or subscriptions.

What are the format options available for movie downloads on CoolMoviez?

CoolMoviez provides movies in different format options such as MP4, AVI, and MKV. Users can choose the format that is compatible with their device.

Are the movies on CoolMoviez of good quality?

CoolMoviez provides movies in various quality options such as 720p, 1080p, and 4K. Users can choose the quality that meets their preference and internet speed.

Is it safe to download movies from CoolMoviez?

Downloading movies from CoolMoviez may come with risks, as the website may host copyrighted material and torrent files. It is recommended to use a reliable antivirus program and a VPN while downloading from such websites.

Can I request for a movie that is not available on CoolMoviez?

Yes, users can request for movies that are not available on the website, and the CoolMoviez team will try their best to fulfill the request and add the movie to the library.

How fast is the movie downloading speed on CoolMoviez?

The downloading speed on CoolMoviez depends on the internet speed and the size of the movie file. Faster internet speeds can result in quicker download times.

Are there any similar websites to CoolMoviez?

Yes, there are several websites similar to CoolMoviez such as 123Movies, Putlocker, and Fmovies. These websites also provide movie downloads and serve as alternative options for users.

Is it legal to download movies from CoolMoviez?

Downloading movies from unauthorized sources like CoolMoviez can be considered as copyright infringement and may be illegal in some countries. It is always recommended to check the local laws and regulations before downloading movies from such websites.

Final Thoughts

The use of illegal websites is prohibited because it gives a major setback to Bollywood, Tollywood, Kannada, Kollywood, and Malayalam film industries. It also declines the business of cinema halls. Therefore, it is not recommended to watch pirated content leaked by such websites.

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