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How Crash Games Went from Zero to Hero



Crash Games

For too long, the gambling industry was stuck in a rut. Game developers churned out the same old slot machines. They were just different versions of the same theme, with only minor tweaks in their format and mechanics. Then, something changed: the first “crash” games appeared. These simple games are known for their often minimalist interface and high Return to Player (RTP). Crash games took the casino world by storm, giving the world a new form of gambling to be excited about.

Stagnation in Gambling

For years, the gambling scene had been stagnant. Players saw endless rows of slot machines, each echoing the last. It was the same old story: spin the wheel, cross your fingers, repeat. The excitement had faded. People craved something different, something that wasn’t yet another spin-off of the slot machine.

Enter Aviator

This is where JetX by SmartSoft Gaming comes in. JetX was a breath of fresh air, but it was just the beginning.

The real game-changer was Aviator. Released in February 2019, exclusively for a Georgian betting site, it wasn’t until August 2019 that Aviator took off globally. Its concept was simple yet captivating. Players could watch their potential winnings increase as a virtual plane ascended. The higher it flew, the bigger the win. But there was a catch: cash out before the plane flies away, or lose it all.

How do Crash Games Work?

Crash games are a unique and thrilling addition to the world of online gambling. So, how do they work? The concept is refreshingly simple. In a typical crash game, players place a bet before the game round begins. Once the round starts, a multiplier begins to increase from 1x upwards.

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The multiplier can crash at any moment. The goal for the player is to cash out their bet at the highest possible multiplier before the crash occurs. If they cash out in time, their initial bet is multiplied by the number at which they cashed out. However, if the multiplier crashes before they cash out, they lose their bet.

This simple yet nerve-wracking mechanic makes crash games extremely engaging. Players must make quick decisions, balancing greed against the fear of losing their stake if they wait too long.

2023: The Year of Aviator

2023 marked a turning point. Aviator soared in popularity across the iGaming industry. Its appeal was undeniable. It was thrilling, easy to play, and offered a new kind of gaming experience.

Along with its fame came the inevitable: the rise of so-called “Aviator predictors” and “hacks.” These tools claimed to predict when the plane would fly away, promising surefire wins. But, of course, they didn’t work. Aviator is provably fair, meaning its outcomes are random and cannot be predicted or manipulated. This fairness only added to its allure.

Aviator wasn’t just popular; it was probably the most successful casino game of 2023. It wasn’t just about winning money. It was about the rush, the suspense, and the sheer entertainment it provided. Players were no longer passive spectators watching reels spin. They were active participants, making split-second decisions that could either multiply their stake or wipe it out.

Crash games have revitalized the gambling industry. They’ve proven that simplicity, coupled with a high level of engagement and fairness, can be incredibly effective. They’ve transformed the dull slot machines into exciting split-second decision-making and suspense. In doing so, crash games have gone from being an underdog in the world of gambling to a leading force, reshaping the landscape of iGaming.

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It’s a classic zero-to-hero story, and the chapter on Aviator is just the beginning.

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