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The Most Popular Betting Calculators



The Most Popular Betting Calculators

Betting calculators are tools that can help punters find out their potential returns and expected losses. These calculators make the process of placing a bet easier, and we highly recommend using them before placing any bet.

There are countless ways to bet, however, and therefore, there are also countless different types of betting calculators. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the most popular betting calculators and their uses so you can be fully informed when you next go to place a wager.

What Are Betting Calculators

For those unaware, betting calculators are a tool to calculate your potential return, profits, losses and stakes. Their use varies depending on the bet type; however, the information they produce stays the same. All you have to do to use a calculator is input your bet type, stake, and the odds of your selections. The calculators will then work out your returns and profit depending on the bet type.

Why Use Betting Calculators

Betting is a fun pastime for many players; however, with more complicated bets come complicated equations. These mathematical calculations ruin the fun for a lot of people who want to move on to more advanced strategies. These calculations especially ruin the fun when you work them out incorrectly and place a bet with unfavourable returns and odds.

Betting calculators aim to help players know if their bets are worth placing as well as finetuning their own individual bets and betting strategy.

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Use Betting Calculators

Betting Calculators

In this section, we are going to go over some of the most popular betting calculators out there right now for you to use. Hopefully, by the end of this, you will have a greater knowledge of the types of betting calculators available, and maybe you might even want to try one for yourself.

Single Bet Calculators

A single-bet calculator is the most basic type of calculator and simply provides you with your expected return for a single bet. You would insert your stake and the odds of your prediction. Then you will be provided with your expected return and profits.

Accumulator Betting Calculators

Accumulator betting is where you place a bet on multiple different events within the same sport. For your bet to be paid out, all predictions must come true. For example, you may put 4 football teams in your accumulator bet, and if one team loses, your bet will fail. How these bets work is that your stake is used for the first selection, and the return made from that bet becomes the stake for the next bet. Once all predictions have come true, you win. Accumulator betting calculators help work out your expected return. This can be useful as the calculations can get very difficult. Furthermore, you can void certain fixtures to see how your return can change. This feature is very useful in refining bets as you may remove a team that does not return a high value in order to increase your odds. Or you might find that your return is already quite high without the very low chance of winning, team there.

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Each Way Bet Calculator

An each-way bet is a bet usually used in race-type events that allow you to make profits even if your selection doesn’t win. Let’s say you place a horse in horse racing to finish ⅕. This means you will get the full odds if the horse finishes first, and you will win ⅕ of the odds if they finish anywhere from 1-5. These calculators help determine the return value for both the winning prediction and the place prediction.

Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

Lucky 15 bets aren’t actually a form of bet but a method of placing 15 individual bets. These bets work similarly to accumulators; however, all the best are separate. This method includes placing every combination of bets for 4 predictions from the same sports, such as football. A typical lucky 15 would like this.

  • 4 singles: A, B, C, D
  • 6 doubles: A-B, A-C, A-D, B-C, B-D, C-D
  • 4 trebles: A-B-C, A-B-D, A-C-D, B-C-D
  • 1 fourfold: A-B-C-D

With 15 individual bets to work out, these calculators are almost essential for Lucky 15 bettors. Not only will these calculators work the potential return, but you can also go in and change the outcome of each prediction to see how much you would earn with fewer correct selections.

Lucky 63 Bet Calculators

The Lucky 15 betting system is a popular method of betting. There are many more different forms of bets using the same patterns, including trixie bets and lucky 31 bets. Lucky 63 bets function the same as Lucky 15 bets; however, you will be predicting 6 outcomes and will be placing 63 individual bets.

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Up-And-Down Bet Calculator

Up-and-down betting refers to a betting strategy in horse racing or other racing sports where you place a bet on a horse to win and another bet on the horse to place. This way, if the horse wins, you will receive two payouts, and if the horse places, you will still receive a small payout that can potentially break even. Up and down betting calculators are useful for predicting the profits as well as seeing if breaking is possible from the return from the place outcome.


With betting being an incredibly popular pastime, it’s no surprise players are trying to maximise their enjoyment of the experience. Betting calculators help players do this by taking away the stress from the mathematical calculations that come with more advanced betting strategies and help players work out bets with the least risk possible.

We hope now you have a firm understanding of the different betting calculators available as well as the multiple different types of bets. Now you can go forward and try these calculators for yourself. We have found that once you use one, you’ll never want to place a bet without using this beforehand ever again.

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