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Data-Driven Dropshipping: Tools for Market Analysis and Trend Prediction



Data-Driven Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a unique business model where you can quickly change a product niche if your original one didn’t provide you significant profit. Dropshippers do not have an inventory; they only manage an online store and search for trending products and reliable suppliers. You choose the product to sell, watch how customers react and can quickly change it for the better. We suggest having backups and evaluating the market before making the first listings. This can save time at the beginning.

With the current software capabilities, you can use data-driven dropshipping tools to perform market analysis and search for the latest trends. These tools can help you predict all trends and take the largest profit as a first-seller of hot items. This article describes the five most user-friendly and popular tools.


Salesource provides access to the latest trends, analytics, and research to help you make the right choice for your dropshipping investments. Salesoure analyzes more than a hundred million suppliers, about 7000 apps, and about 800 million Shopify products. You receive insights into marketing and advertising analytics to mitigate all possible risks and safely expand your dropshipping business (as well as any other e-commerce business). You can research analytics per trending products, top global suppliers, and competitive stores or use Autopilot. You can integrate the tool with AliExpress and Shopify. You can use a tool as a product source by subscribing to the interested niches to stay ahead of all trends. Moreover, you can check the reliability of the suppliers by analyzing the number of successful deliveries.

You can subscribe to the Salesource, choosing between 4 options (the Starter package is $89/month). You can also perform product research using Chrome and Firefox extensions. With every subscription, you receive a detailed analysis of stores (the number depends on your subscription), traffic there, and quantity of sold products. Also, every day, you receive an overview of 5/20/100 or unlimited product overviews with variants, descriptions, analytics when it was added and alternatives from your competitors.

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Storeleads is a platform for market research to make proper investment decisions. Even though it has not been developed particularly for dropshippers, it can be used successfully. It collects information from 68 e-commerce platforms and more than six million active stores; the data is updated weekly. You can search specific marketplaces and customize the search result columns to find the required information. The tool allows us to analyze not only stores but also ad statistics. The platform is focused on analyzing the Shopify marketplace. Storeleads can be focused not only on products and stores but also on the latest technologies and industry verticals. Social media accounts such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more are analyzed as well.

There are four subscriptions to this tool – Premium, Pro, Elite and Enterprise – starting from $75/month. With the cheapest Premium package, you have access to data from two e-commerce platforms and can perform 2000 searches per month. The tool is integrated with Salesforce, Apollo, Cognism, Hubspot and Outreach. Store leads are not only about trending product sourcing but also give detailed analytics about the performance of your competitor’s store to help you create your online store.


Ecomhunt is another solution to escape from bad products. The platform manually researches the market and winning products in the database every day. After a free subscription, you receive access to fresh hot products in various categories on an everyday basis. The products are analyzed based on the experiences of researchers, marketers, analysts and executives. Ecomhunt has trackers for Aliexpress, eBay and Shopify products, as well as Facebook ads. You can find out the sales growth over time and decide if you need to sell it. For better usability, each product has a direct link to the source market with the price.

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All reports include descriptions, images, and videos that you can import into your online store, but we recommend that you customize them to be unique. Also, they give an estimated price based on their analytics and analytics for customer engagement on your product (reactions and ratings). All these features are available for free in a limited version (3 tracker sessions and ten live trending products) and for money (paid subscriptions start from $23/month). Even with the basic paid subscription, you will get two years of access to the Ecomhunt products database.


Easync is an all-in-one dropshipping tool that can perform not only an analysis of trending products but also further steps for the online store organization. For dropshipping automation, it offers detailed automatic reports with high-demand products across numerous marketplaces. All prices, ratings, source links, and volumes are provided in real time for actual marketing analysis. For product sourcing, the platform works with more than 99 marketplaces – Amazon in different countries, AliExpress, Walmart, Bestbuy, Shopify, eBay, Lowes and more. You can always customize your search by adding a specific online store by requesting technical support. The platform has integrations with eBay, Merchant Amazon, Shopify, Scalehat and your store to import product information seamlessly.

Easync offers four subscription plans starting from $49.99/month. All plans provide access to a trending product finder and product listings. You also receive an option for automatic ordering and aquiline delivery tracking that synchronizes with your online store for your customers. Every day, you will receive a report with 1 million hot items on the eBay store to save you time for more important tasks.

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Pexda is a marketing analysis tool that helps entrepreneurs watch the current trends and find best-selling products. It researches social networks (Facebook) for likes, reactions, shares, and comments, as well as popular marketplaces, such as AliExpress, eBay, Shopify, and Amazon, for the latest trending products. For all ads, you can check the targeting, such as location, gender, age, and potential reach. By setting the required time for research, you can analyze current trends. Pexda, at the same time, finds the product in popular marketplaces (like AliExpress); using the product link, you can check the product cost and estimated profit. You do not need to waste your time on non-profitable products; after detailed analytics, you can dropship only the hot products.

There are three subscription plans – standard (from $14.95/month), premium and ultimate. All subscribers receive reports of winning products from Amazon, AliExpress and eBay. If you do not want to spend time targeting your research, you can set an auto-hunt option to find the best AliExpress suppliers or the most popular ad. You can also check for free on the official website information about trending products – the number of orders and how the customers react to the product.


There is no time to waste your money and time on non-trending products. You can use numerous software tools to analyze the market and social networks to be ahead of your competitors. For this purpose, you may use the information described in the article, such as EasyNC, Pexda, Ecomhunt, Salesource, or Storeleads. All of them provide detailed analytics for the required period to build your dropshipping strategy. After searching the latest trends and finding products, we recommend analyzing these tool’s suppliers to find the most reliable and with the largest number of successfully delivered orders. These two steps are the most essential for creating a profitable dropshipping business.

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