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Relax with an Everlasting Comfort Back Pillow



Everlasting Comfort Back Pillow

Of all the places in our body that we need to preserve, the lumbar area – which is in the lower back region and includes up to five vertebrae in the bottom spine – has been designed to take on a curvature without having the responsibility of supporting the lower back.

However, given how easily we can develop poor posture routines over time, it is essential that we train ourselves to avoid practices such as slouching when we sit in our walking hours and even lying awkwardly while we sleep.

Unfortunately, when we slouch, it is putting tremendous strain and stress on our backs. To avoid these kinds of problems, an ideal solution would be to use a pillow to encourage lumbar support.

The time is now to unlearn the bad habit of putting unwanted pressure on your back and learn some helpful lessons from these reasons why an Everlasting Comfort back pillow is the best way to relax, given that this pillow possesses incredible flexibility and is able to adapt to any body type.


Resting on Your Side

According to medical doctors, one of the key approaches to ensuring proper back support is to sleep on our side – whether on our right side or our left side – as much as physically possible.

The key here is to ensure that your entire body is making total contact with the mattress underneath you and that you perfectly align your body from your shoulder to your feet.

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If, for some reason, you find it difficult to make sure that your waist isn’t touching the mattress, one of the ways to definitely know that you are doing that while sleeping is by using a back-support pillow to plug up the gap.

Alternatively, you can also put a back pillow between your knees while you sleep. This will be a perfect strategy if you are hoping to relieve and avoid any kind of lower back pain.

Not only will all of these steps help to ensure that you have a restful sleep, but it will mean that you are making an important decision to ensure your back stays healthy.

As a side note, you should always try to alternate what side you sleep on if you are a side sleeper. If you don’t regularly shift what sides you sleep – from night to night or even within a single night – you could accidentally cause a muscle imbalance.

These kinds of problems are avoided even more so when you make use of your lumbar support pillow. Keeping it in place will ensure that your sleeping journey each night will be an enjoyable experience – no matter which direction you are sleeping in.

Give Tired Muscles Some Relaxation

In our contemporary context, many people work jobs that involve sitting in front of computers for incredibly long periods of time.

As a result of sitting in a very static position, many people tend to develop a particular posture – which might unfortunately include sitting in a slouched position.

When we slouch, this causes muscle fatigue on the one hand, and on the other hand, our back muscles tend to get incredibly worn out. If you already suffer from spine distortion, an Everlasting Comfort Back Pillow is great because of its interchangeable nature.

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Even if you find yourself sitting for long stretches of the day, if you have a proper lumbar support pillow, you can ensure that you are maintaining a straight posture and that you are avoiding any unwanted pressure on your back muscles.

This isn’t only a preventative measure, but it also heals any damage to date.

Recommended by the FDA

According to the FDA, lumbar support pillows are especially valuable for those in an office setting or even if you are traveling (whether in a car or plane).

Having them as part of your desk set up and even carrying them along with you during an extensive road trip ensures that you are able to keep your back straight and strong and that you can avoid any unnecessary spinal agony.

Sleep in the Fetal Position

Also, those who commonly sleep in the fetal position at night are more prone to deal with a serious slipped disk or detrimental back injuries. As a result, these kinds of sleepers will definitely be interested in a lumbar support pillow.

To build this pillow into your sleeping routine, sleepers should first lay down on their back. They should then gently shift over to their most comfortable side and then carefully pull their knees into their chest.

Once they find a comfortable position, they can then put their upper back in the direction of their knees. They should do so ever so gently until they find their entire body in the fetal position.

While you will be incorporating a lumbar support pillow in your sleep pattern, you should still remember to switch your sleeping sides throughout the night, as this is a sure-fire way to maintain balance while sleeping. Doing so will put you on the best course to combat back pain and enhance your sleeping experience.

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