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Lip Flips: Everything You Need To Know



Lip Flips

Lip flip is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that makes the upper lip fuller. In this procedure, the medical practitioner in Lip Fillers London uses a little amount of Botox to achieve this aim.

From this article, you will learn the procedure it involves, the difference between it and the dermal lip filler, and the probable complications that may occur.

A lip flip is a quick process that can be completed within 10 to 20 minutes. It is a cosmetic procedure, and for it, the medical personnel will inject some amount of Botox into your Cupid’s bow, located at the middle of the upper lip. This substance will also be injected into the corners of your mouth.

This injection causes the muscles around your lip to become relaxed. This will cause the part of your upper lip in your mouth to flip out and upward, thereby making the lip look fuller.

What to expect before and after

Making a choice to go for the lip flip procedure can be challenging, but seeing pictures of people that have undergone this procedure makes it easier to visualize the whole thing. It would help if you asked your doctor to show you photos before and after his previous consultations. Please do this during your first appointment.

You should note that the after photos are usually taken immediately, the procedures and the lip may look more swollen and enhanced than when the swelling is over.

Who is right for this procedure?

There are different classes of people that opt for the lip flip process, and these people include those that:

  • Want to get the fuller lips without using a dermal filler
  • Feel their lips become invisible when they smile
  • People who think they have a gummy smile because of the small size of their upper lip. A gummy smile is when an enormous amount of the gum shows when a person smiles.
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This procedure is not a permanent one. The effects generally last between 8 to 12 weeks, after which the lip will return to its original size. If a permanent increase is what you need, there are more permanent options like dermal lip fillers or lip lifts. They may work better for you.

Is dermal filler the same with lip flip?

Dermal filler is also used in to make the lip look fuller just like the lip flip. However, the procedures are not similar.

Though lip flips only make the lips look fatter, the dermal filler also does the same thing, but the doctor injects a substance made from hyaluronic acid into your lips for this procedure. This hyaluronic acid will offer a better structure to your skin and make it look more hydrated.

When comparing to lip flips, the doctor uses a little amount of Botox instead to relax the muscles surrounding your upper lips, thereby making the lips turn upward. This effect makes the lips appear fuller though it does not change the actual volume of the lip. It just rearranges its appearance.

If your primary aim is to alter your lip’s actual volume, consider choices like dermal fillers or lip implants. They offer a more permanent alteration and are also safe to use.

The lip flip procedure

Before going for a lip flip procedure, it is great to know the process to expect.

Before the process

Blood thinners like aspirin and others can make the swelling worse. It is best to avoid them those 3 to 4 days before the process. Alcohol should be avoided during this period too. Your doctor will tell you if there is more for you to do before the procedure starts.

You can contact us for a personal examination of the procedure.

During the procedure

There are a few quick facts you should know about this procedure. They are:

  • It will only last for about ten minutes
  • The doctor will not numb your lip before the process since it is not a very painful one. People who have undergone this procedure say the pain can be compared to a pimple on the lip.
  • The doctor will inject Botox into three parts of your upper lip: the centre, and the two corners.
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After the procedure

The procedure will not hinder you from continuing your daily activities, so you can immediately swing back to action. However, you will experience numbness on the upper lip, and it will look swollen. There are a few don’ts after this procedure. They are:

  • Avoid smoking. It will make you more prone to developing an infection
  • Do not rub your lip after this procedure. This may cause the Botox to spread into the undesired areas.
  • For some days after the procedure, sleep on your back. This is to prevent your upper lip from pressing against the pillow.

How long does it take before the result becomes visible?

Within a few days, you should be able to see results on your lips. These results will become more pronounced as days go by. Complete results should be visible within 10 to 14 days after the procedure.

However, you must note that the results from this procedure are not permanent; it will also for only two to three months. This is because only a little amount of Botox was injected into the lip. If you want the effects to last longer, visit your doctor to add more Botox when the previous effect starts diminishing.

You can get more permanent results by using Botox lip fillers. Their results can last for more than a year.

What are the probable side effects of this procedure?

This procedure is safe and considered as a low-risk procedure; hence there are no severe side effects. This is because only a little portion of the Botox is injected.

If the Botox is injected more than the required amount, the lips will become too relaxed and make it difficult for the mouth to close. This will lead to any of the following:

  • Drooling
  • Challenge while pronouncing certain words
  • Difficulty in whistling and spitting
  • Difficulty in suspending fluid in the mouth after drinking
  • One side of the mouth may drop, just like it would in the case of a stroke.

These symptoms should not last long and will subside as the Botox wears off.

In rare cases, an injection of Botox can lead to fever, chills, and headache.

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In very rare cases, the injection of Botox can lead to botulism. This is a severe side effect of Botox in the system. It had the following symptoms: you should report to your doctor if you notice any of them. They are:

  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Trouble speaking or slurred speech
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty breathing

What is the cost of getting a lip flip?

This is an inexpensive cosmetic procedure, and in the UK, you can get it at £79. This is because only a little amount of Botox is injected, hence it is not as expensive as the dermal filler procedure.

This is a cosmetic procedure; hence, it is not provided on the NHS. Also, most health insurance plans do not cover it.

Where can I find a qualified practitioner?

Though this procedure is not surgical, there is still need that it be done by a professional plastic surgeon or trained medical professional that is certified to carry out the procedure. You can check in your local clinic or visit us as we are licensed to perform this procedure.

However, it is essential that you visit the doctor beforehand so that he or she can tell you what to expect from the procedure and show you the before and after pictures from previous sessions. This will help shape your conviction of his skills and abilities.

During the initial appointment, you will have the privilege to ask your doctor essential questions like:

  • Is this procedure suitable for me, and will it help me achieve the desired look?
  • What do I have to do to prepare for this procedure?
  • How long do I have to avoid smoking before and after the procedure?
  • Are there any unique care methods that I should apply after the procedure?

Our final words

Lip flip is a cosmetic procedure that involves the injection of Botox into the upper lip to give it a fuller appearance. This injection causes the muscles surrounding the lip to relax and the lip to flip forward.

Compared to the dermal filler, lip flip uses a very little amount of Botox, hence it less expensive.

Though this procedure is not surgical, one needs to seek the expertise of a specialist for the procedure. At the first appointment, you should ask your doctor important questions relating to how suitable you are for the procedure and the necessary steps to succeed.

We offer specialized lip flip sessions and will be glad to provide you with our service. Contact us today. We will provide you with information and treatments on lip fillers and other cosmetic services.

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