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Lip Fillers Gone Wrong? Basic Things To Know!



Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers are no doubts one of the highest in-demand non-surgical aesthetic procedures in the United Kingdom. As a result of the rise of lip fillers over the years, there has been a vast range of information available on where and who to go to for these treatments. Despite the vast volume of online marketing information, there is, however, an issue of accuracy and credibility concerning the various information available on lip fillers.

Consequently, media agencies have been reporting a skyrocketing number of ‘lip fillers gone wrong’ cases. This is to say that this industry can be not only tricky but also dangerous to maneuver. This is why we will be discussing why lip fillers go wrong and how to avoid these so-called ‘botched’ treatments that are ever-increasing today.

How can a lip filler treatment go wrong?


This is one of the most prevalent complications with lip fillers treatment. It happens when the needle is used to inject the fillers into the lips accidentally punctures larger blood vessels. It is always expected to experience some level of bruising; however, different factors can heighten the severity or chance of this happening. They include: utilizing the wrong type of needle to inject the filler, incorrect method, improper positioning of the patient, and inadequate patient selection.

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Bruising, although usually a negligible adverse effect, can in some cases result in other severe complications. For instance, haematoma may develop in some rare cases, consequently leading to the appearance of a firm mass below the skin.


There are two major causes of lumpy lip filler complications: improper product selection and incorrect technique. Although very rare, there is a possibility of lumps developing as a result of an allergic reaction or a hypersensitivity. In most cases, incorrect procedures, such as injecting too superficially, roughly injecting, and overfilling, is to be blamed. For instance, if a specialist draws out the needle from a patient’s lip whilst still injecting the filler, it can result in the accumulation of filler in the surface areas of the lips. And this will create unsightly bumps and lumps. In like manner, product selection is important as well. When a product has very high viscosity (that is, thickness), the results can be uneven and lumpy when being used.


This is most definitely the most severe possible complication with lip fillers. In layman’s description, necrosis interprets as “tissue death”. It can happen due to the indirect or direct outcome of dermal filler treatment.

Below are some symptoms of necrosis:

  • Severe pain
  • Prolonged blanching
  • Purple discoloration
  • Coolness

Why Do Dermal Fillers Go Wrong?

The odds of dermal filler complications increases when the treatment is carried out by a practitioner who has not received proper training and is therefore not medically qualified to perform the procedure. Because there’s scarce legislation on injectables in the UK, it remains an issue that anybody is permitted by law to perform dermal fillers. And this is a primary cause of dermal filler complications.

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Moreover, the fact that most people are after cheaper treatments is another reason why several complications and risks manifest during treatments performed by inexperienced hands.

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How To Ensure Good Lip Fillers

  1. Research Your Specialist

It can not be overemphasized how vital it is to make a thorough research on the specialist you are considering treatment with. It would help if you examined necessary questions such as:

  • Do they have a medical background?
  • Have they undergone any surgeon-based training?
  • What is the quality of their experience?

Do not be bothered about making so many inquiries – as a good practitioner will only be delighted to supply the necessary information you need.

  1. Get Practical Proof of Their Competency

Although social media is an excellent resource when finding a practitioner, do not be ‘deceived’ by what you see on their site. The pictures they uploaded may not be their works, and the testimonials could also be made up as well. Hence, we strongly recommend that you search online for videos of them doing the treatments or for independent reviews about them so that you are guaranteed that they are indeed qualified for the job.

  1. Be Sure To Get Full Consultation

Always make sure you get a full consultation. Do not allow the practitioner to rush you or pressure you into making an instant decision. Get complete information about any risks and complications before commencing your treatment. Remember, you’re not under any obligation to receive the treatment if the practitioner is making you uncomfortable in any way.

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