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Resume Example for Teens and Tips to Write your First Resume



Resume Example

If you’re a teenager looking for part-time work, it’s certainly essential to compose your personal résumé. Owning one could aid you in landing a job even if you are not required to have one to apply. Creating the first resume is much simpler once you have a source of inspiration. You should see what an effective teen CV looks like and then create one for yourself. In this article, You will learn how to create a cv and also what information to put in a cv for a teen without any relevant work experience from the examples and suggestions provided here.


Teen resume example

Marry Jane

1245, West San Jose


Professional Objective

  • A hard-working person who pays attention to the smallest details.
  • Volunteering for a non-profit has given me the opportunity to put my multitasking skills to use. I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge and expanding my horizons by working with this organization as a resource..

Work Experience

Volunteer experience

We Make Change, West San Jose (2018-2019)

  • Donation drives that received three times as many contributions as prior campaigns
  • Working with other volunteers, I was able to develop innovative solutions to difficulties.
  • Donations were solicited via social media accounts.
  • Establish fresh approaches to the organization’s operation.


  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Computer proficiency
  • Detail-oriented
  • Academic Achievements
  • Won the best presentation award
  • Secured third in an art competition
  • Head of sports club
  • Team leader of group activity
  • Wonder high school, Ongoing
  • GPA – 3.5/4
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  • English – Intermediate
  • French – Basic

This was an excellent resume example for teens for you to get a grasp. Now, let us start with how to write your very own resume. Let’s go over the tips.

How to create your teenage resume:

To get your first employment as a teenager, your CV doesn’t need to have a great deal of experience. The interviewers are aware that everyone must begin somehow. S implies demonstrating to the employer that you have the necessary abilities and mindset. You can do that by creating the perfect cv for teenagers in the format employers like.

What to include on a teenager’s resume:

  • Contact details
  • Objective
  • Education details
  • working, volunteering, or job-shadowing
  • Capabilities
  • hobby, honor, and clubs

The teen CV will stand out with all these features. Your boss will realize you’re the ideal pick if you employ the appropriate resume layout for teens.

Carefully go through the job description

Utilize the job requirements to guide you to find the qualities that interviewers prioritize for the particular job. It may serve as a reference for what to mention, and then you can leverage the keywords to draw attention to your most essential qualifications.

Create a teen resume objective that will captivate employers

How can you convince companies to look at your teen resume and want to actually read it? By utilizing a cv objective. When you do this correctly, you’ll resolve 50% of your issues. If you do not already have some job experience under your belt, skip drafting a cv overview.

You should rather use:

  1. A adjective such as diligent, trustworthy, or quick to learn
  2. Title of the job
  3. How you’ll contribute to the company
  4. Top 1-2 achievements
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  • Looking for a hard-working waiter with proven customer service skills at The Last Unicorn Restaurant.
  • Devin Shiro’s Country Club and St. Ann’s Soup Kitchen have commended you five times each.
  • An Eagle Scout Beacon of Hope Award winner.

Highlight your skills and abilities

If you’re anything like usual teenagers, you presumably will not have a lot of work experience to write on your CV. That’s where a well-written capabilities part on a CV is valuable.

If you could somehow emphasize both hard and soft talents, then you can still construct a terrific teen resume.

So here are a few samples of teens’ resumes with useful skills:

  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Communication

A great way to showcase your talents is to give some examples of where you’ve used or enhanced them.

Complete the experience field

Remember to mention any prior jobs if you do have any.

When you do not have any, you may complete this section with some other personal experience you have got that shows companies you have the abilities they need for the position.

One can list the following as their relevant work experience on a CV for teens without experience:

  • Job shadowing
  • Volunteer work
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Coursework
  • Babysitting

You could also add details regarding your educational achievement, including club participation and courses attended if you’re writing a cv for a college essay or as a first-year student.

When writing your experience key points, always begin your lines with powerful action verbs that explain whatever you accomplished.

Lastly, double-check your CV to ensure it is flawless. Verify thoroughly to make absolutely sure that there are no grammar or spelling errors. That’s it! Now you know how to write a great resume as a teen. Start creating yours right away.

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