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The Best Skills to Add to your Game Designer Resume!



Game Designer Resume

You might have just graduated from college and you are now trying to get a job!

Alternatively, you have been working as a Video Game Designer for a while, but now are looking for a job that pays slightly better in the same industry!

Getting a well-paying job may strongly depend on a well-crafted resume!

Some of the best skills to highlight in your game development resume, apart from your programming skills include basic elements like your communication skills!

Your leadership skills count as well! So does your ability to make decisions and solve problems!


Highlight your Skills

The best thing about a resume is its skills section! So when you are making a list of your marketable qualities you would try and ‘market’ both your hard as well as your soft skills!

This is often an important factor without taking into account your many years of experience! You might even be a complete fresher but you need to sell yourself by talking about the key skills that are central to any job apart from just your relevant programming experience!

 Hard Skills

You need to get down both your hard skills as well as your soft skills! What are the hard skills you can highlight? Hard skills refer to the Actual programming skills, the courses you did, and everything about your job you’re good at! Soft skills on the other hand refer to the qualities that make you a good employee like interpersonal skills! Also, your ability to be a good team player! The ability to blend in well with other co-workers holds good as well! So does your willingness to respect others’ views and opinions at work!

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 Programming Skills

Your programming skills will go into your ‘experience section’, and in the ’summary’ and count as the obvious hard skills! However, you can also play up the other parts of your resume especially if you are a fresher, with limited skills for now. That would lead to the flow of writing seeming attractive with a good build-up leading to the best part- your actual programming skills and experience! This would of course depend on the courses you have done, internships, and projects you were part of!

Finally, let’s get to the hard skills you need to note down in the skills section of your resume, as they relate to the job you are applying for! These crucial skills comprise your actual working knowledge and what you use for the bulk of your time at the workplace! Remember that a Video Game Design/Developer career is not for the faint-hearted!

According to,  “if the job post states that a required qualification is experienced with the PS4 and Xbox One platforms, you should have “PS4 and Xbox One platforms” listed under your skills” Codeacademy has also advised on their website, that apart from the ‘Career Objective’ that you might have already mentioned higher up in your resume, you can highlight all the relevant skills in a well-crafted resume for a Game developer by just pulling “these directly from the job description — copy and paste the exact phrasing used in the post if you have that skill”

Another tip given on the website is “If you’re getting hung up on phrasing or how to list a specific skill, pull up LinkedIn and search for a game developer in a similar role to the one you’re applying for or someone who has a background comparable to yours”

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You may be a complete fresher or an experienced game designer but writing the skill set in your resume in this way is likely to get you noticed! It may even land you a high-paying job! I hope that these tips help you craft a solid skillset for your resume!

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