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Is Examsnap Salesforce Certification Worth Your Attention – Admin, Developer and Others?



Examsnap Salesforce Certification

Salesforce provides a lot of globally recognized credentials that validate the specialists’ expertise in specific concepts of Certbolt. The certifications of this vendor are designed to enhance one’s knowledge of the platform and equip the individuals with hands-on experience. Earning this certificate enables you to add value to your resume and open up new opportunities for your career growth.

Salesforce certification program

The Examsnap Salesforce certification program includes 30credentials that are tailored to specific job roles, such as Administrator, Marketer, Architect, Developer, Consultant. Let’s have a closer look at each certificate within the Salesforce paths.

  • Salesforce Administrator

This Examsnap certification track includes five different credentials to offer. These are Administrator, Marketing Cloud Administrator, Advanced Administrator, CPQ Specialist, and Platform App Builder.

  • Salesforce Architect

This path has also five certifications within it. These include Application Architect, B2C Commerce Architect, System Architect, Technical Designer, and Heroku Architecture Designer.

  • Salesforce Consultant

This track comes within certificates. If you’re looking to take up a job role as a consultant, you can explore any of the badges under this certification path. The available credentials are community Cloud Consultant, Examsnap Education Cloud Consultant, Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant, Field Service Lightning Consultant, Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, and Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant visit

  • Salesforce Developer

There are six credentials to explore under this Examsnap Salesforce certification path. These are B2C Commerce Developer, Platform App Builder, Marketing Cloud Developer, JavaScript Developer I, Platform Developer I, Platform Developer II.

  • Salesforce Marketer

This track has six certifications: Marketing Cloud Administrator, Marketing Cloud Consultant, Marketing Cloud Developer, Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer, Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, Pardot Consultant, and Pardot Specialist.

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The comprehensive description of all the Salesforce credentials mentioned above can be found on the special learning platform – Trailhead. It contains information regarding the requirements applied to each certificate, the benefits of obtaining them, and the details on how the certification exams are delivered.

As for the Examsnap prerequisite exams, they consist of a specific number of questions and a limited time to complete. Each test has its requirements and passing score. Before you choose what Salesforce certification to pursue, you should take time to go through the exam overview and requirements to know if you qualify to take your preferred test.

Salesforce certification exam preparation

If you think this certification path is for you, you can start by going through the official webpage to learn more about your preferred track. When you’re sure of the credential to pursue, you should start your exam preparation as soon as possible. You can use the official resources offered by Trailhead. This online platform offers a huge number of interactive tools, study guides, live and virtual workshops that can help you be fully prepared for your certification test. You can also join the community of other learners to share knowledge and participate in group discussions. Additionally, you can take advantage of exam dumps and practice tests available on third-party websites to boost your performance in your Salesforce exam.


No matter what your role is, a Salesforce certification can move your career to the next level.  Whether you’re searching for a new job or want to secure a promotion in your current company, with the Salesforce badges you will stand out of the crowd. Don’t miss the chance to demonstrate your skills on one of the most popular CRM platforms obtaining any credential of this vendor.

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