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Most Affordable Cities for College Students in the USA



Affordable Cities for College Students

Studying in the USA is a dream of many students. It is one such place which offers a modern lifestyle, the best education plus great job opportunities for a great life. However, in comparison to other places, the USA is always considered an expensive one. People usually feel that a particular place is providing quality education but then it is not as affordable as they expected it to be. As per the leading long-distance movers associated with Moving Feedback, people struggle in finding the right city to relocate to. So, in that case, people shift to other options for a better education. However, for the students who have always dreamt of studying in the USA, there is great news. There are certain places in the USA which are affordable and you can easily study there.

To determine the affordability of the place and before listing it here certain factors such as city population, rent of a one-bedroom apartment, utility costs which include electricity and water bill, cost of using public transportation, price of going for movie outing tickets, a minimum wage which could be earned, occasionally having few beers, and annual tuition fee is included. After all this consideration the list was created for the students. Thus, mentioned below are details of those cities.

  1. Helena, MT
  2. Lincoln, NE
  3. Augusta, ME
  4. Columbia, MO
  5. Colorado Springs, CO
  6. Eugene, OR
  7. Syracuse, NY
  8. Charleston, WV
  9. Jackson, MS
  10. Tempe, AZ

As per the stated report, Helena, Montana is one such city that is the most affordable one for which students can actually opt. In this place, the rent of the apartment is around $680 per month and the tuition fees of Helena College University is around $17,152 per year which is quite low in comparison to other colleges which are located in various other cities.

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Talking about the expenditure in other major cities such as New York or San Francisco, it would be quite high in comparison to this one. It is not just about tuition fees there but even the cost of an apartment over there would be more than double the cost which student will pay here. So reaching out to these cities for studying is a better option as it can save you money but then one should see that the qualification you want to achieve is available there. Don’t just choose the college based on living expenses as it is about a career. So a balance between both sides is important for you to make your college move successful.

Factors to consider while making the move

  • Choose the city after looking at the total living expenses- You might get fascinated by the city because of the low cost of living or because of the tuition fees being a cheaper one but then on the other side the groceries and transportation could be very high. So in that case, if your college is far from your home it would be difficult for you to go every day. Therefore make sure you choose the city wisely. You might get a good college as per your need in an expensive city but then they could offer you a scholarship too. So do extensive research before making the decision.
  • Look for your well-being too- you might choose a city to live in because it is an economical one but then you need to understand that there are no health care facilities as per the requirement or maybe the city is known for the crime rate. So just to save some bucks you can’t risk your life. Therefore, have a deep look at all the stats of that place and then choose. Life is more important than money so consider choosing a safer place.
  • Future opportunities are important- you might choose a college because it offers you the degree and it has an economical cost of living but then it does not provide job opportunities or placements. Whereas you choose another city which is a little expensive one but their college provides you with practical training, on-campus jobs, placement and all those extra perks which you have been longing for. So choosing this kind of place would be good as here there are benefits attached. You might pay more for a present but in the future, you are sure of the money you will make. So in that case have a look at the colleges, chat with their representatives and get all the details before you get enrolled.
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Therefore it is vital to understand that ten affordable cities are mentioned but the decision still lies in your hand. You need to be smart enough to perform extensive research and understand what fits your needs and offers benefits to you in the upcoming time. You simply cannot count the factor of cost of living and make a decision. So make sure you get an insight into all the details mentioned above and then make a decision.

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