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Explore Greenland – All about its Features, Activities, Location and Language




Greenland is the world’s biggest island between the Arctic and Atlantic seas, northeast of Canada. Despite its monstrous size, it has a moderately small population. Most of the island is canvassed in ice, facilitating the second-biggest ice sheet on Earth after Antarctica.

Greenland is an independent region inside the Kingdom of Denmark. Its way of life blends native Inuit customs and Danish impacts because of its historical binds with Denmark. Fishing and hunting are significant industries, and the island has an enchanting environment with one-of-a-kind wildlife like polar bears, whales, and seals.

The Greenlandic public has its language, Kalaallisut, and the domain has been acquiring attention because of environmental change, as its ice sheet is melting at a disturbing rate, adding to rising ocean levels worldwide. Greenland is this huge, icy island with a small population, a cool mix of cultures, and some serious attention due to its ice melting faster than ever before.

Aspect Details
Population 56,081 (2021 est.)
Area 2.166 million km²
Capital City Nuuk
Official Language Greenlandic
Currency Danish Krone (DKK)
Time Zone GMT-3
Continent North America

Location Of Greenland

Greenland is situated in the northern piece of North America, but at the same time, it’s viewed as a component of the Arctic region. Geographically, it lies prevalently inside the Arctic Circle and is arranged between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

More specifically, it possesses a huge region east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and upper east of the central area of North America. It’s encircled by the Arctic Ocean to the north and the Atlantic Sea toward the southeast.

The island is tremendous, crossing north of 2 million square kilometers (around 836,000 square miles), making it the world’s biggest island. Regardless of its size, a lot of Greenland’s interior is covered by the Greenland Ice Sheet, an immense ice cap that rules the landscape and characterizes the nation’s geography.

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Location Of Greenland

Features of Greenland

Greenland is a place where there is unimaginable natural beauty and remarkable geographical features. Some of its features that make Best Greenland trip  include:

Greenland Ice Sheet: Covering around 80% of the island, this monstrous ice sheet is the second-biggest on the planet (after Antarctica). It’s a characterizing feature of Greenland’s landscape and assumes a basic part in worldwide climate systems.

Glaciers and Fjords: Greenland is enhanced with marvelous ice sheets that cut through mountains and valleys, making stunning fjords along the coastline. These great developments are a demonstration of the island’s glacial history.

Arctic wildlife: The region is home to a different exhibit of Arctic wildlife, including polar bears, musk bulls, reindeer, Cold foxes, seals, whales (like humpback, minke, and bowhead whales), and different seabird species. These animals flourish in the challenging Icy climate.

Remarkable ecosystems: Regardless of its cold exterior, Greenland upholds different environments, from tundra vegetation and greeneries to solid plants adapted to the challenging Icy conditions. In summer, wildflowers and Arctic berries blossom across the landscape.

Midnight Sun and Polar Evening: Because of its high scope, Greenland experiences extreme varieties of daylight. Throughout the mid-year months, the sun doesn’t set for a long time in the northern parts, prompting the “midnight sun.” On the other hand, in winter, there’s the “polar evening,” where the sun doesn’t rise for some time.

Features of Greenland

Remote Settlements and Towns: Greenland’s settlements and towns frequently include bright colorful houses, and they’re dissipated along the coastline, giving a beautiful look into the interesting way of life of its occupants, who balance innovation with traditional Inuit culture.

Aurora Borealis: This natural light show paints the Arctic sky with hypnotizing colors, visible during specific seasons, especially in the darker cold weather months.

These features make Greenland a place that is known for its extreme ice and extraordinary natural beauty, where native culture and the powers of nature shape a stunning climate.

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About its Languages

In Greenland, the essential languages spoken are Greenlandic and Danish.

Greenlandic (Kalaallisut): This is the official language of Greenland and is spoken by most of the population. It’s an Inuit language and has a few dialects across various districts of Greenland. It is utilized in everyday communication, media, and government issues.

Greenlandic language

Danish: Because of Greenland’s historical binds with Denmark (Greenland is an independent region inside the kingdom of Denmark), Danish is additionally generally spoken and used in official affairs, particularly in education and organization. Many Greenlanders are bilingual in Greenlandic and Danish.

Furthermore, English is becoming more commonly spoken, especially in urban areas and among younger ages. These three languages — Greenlandic, Danish, and English are the essential linguistic landscape in Greenland.

Things to do in Greenland

greenland flag

Greenland offers an interesting range of activities owning to its stunning scenes and cultural variety. Here are some thrilling things to do in Greenland:

Aurora Borealis Watching: Particularly during winter, Greenland offers awesome chances to observe this entrancing natural light show in the sky.

Dog Sledding: Experience the traditional method of transportation in Greenland. Dog sledding permits you to navigate snowy landscapes while being pulled by a group of huskies.

Boat Visits: Take boat visits along the coastline to explore lofty fjords, and glacial masses, and witness wildlife like whales, seals, and seabirds is really adorable activity.

Climbing and Traveling: Greenland boasts amazing climbing trails with diverse landscapes. Explore trails that lead to amazing viewpoints, ice fjords, and, surprisingly, ancient Viking ruins.

Social immersion: Engage with the local culture by visiting official occasins, finding out about their traditions, checking the Greenlandic cooking like fish and traditional dishes, and seeing cultural exhibitions is wonderful activity.

Kayaking: Walking through icy waters among Arctic masses and along the coastlines for a unique view of natural beauty of Greenland, is the amazing activity.

Fishing: Try a fishing activity in flawless waters of Greenland. It’ is a well-known activity, and you may enjoy it a lot.

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Hidden Gem In Greenland

Maniitsoq is a beautiful place in Greenland that is considered to be a hidden gem. It is situated on a coastline of island with beautiful fjords, colorful houses, and a scenery of amazing mountains.


Maniitsoq is unique because of its natural beauty. The surrounding scene is amazing, with hiking trails that lead to unforgetable views, allowing visitors to soak in the enchanting view. The region is ideally suited for outside visitors who like experiences like climbing, fishing, and kayaking in the seas and oceans. This place has a comfortable, inviting climate. You will find a mix of modern life with a bit of traditional Greenlandic culture. The people are really friendly and frequently share their social heritage through art, music, and storytelling.

One main feature of Maniitsoq is its colorful houses, that increases beauty of the scene. Exploring the town by walking allows you to find enchanting roads, and nearby shops, and  may be even capture a look at traditional Greenlandic creations. Maniitsoq is not quite as commonly known like other destinations in Greenland, which increases its charm. It is where you can find the real beauty of nature without the crowds, causing it to feel like a genuine hidden gem.


Greenland, a huge icy spot between the Arctic and Atlantic seas, has fewer people but a blend of Inuit and Danish societies. It is mostly part canvassed in ice, with large icy masses and cool wildlife like polar bears and whales. In certain seasons, it is dependably bright for some time, and sometimes, it is dull altogether too. Towns there have pretty houses, and the sky once in a while gets generally vivid with Aurora Borealis. People speak Greenlandic and Danish, and more people are beginning to utilize English as well. Guests can do fun things like watch the Aurora Borealis, kayak around the ice, and find out about local ways. In a calmer spot called Maniitsoq, there are amazing views and a blend of old-style Greenland and new stuff for individuals searching for a peaceful adventure in this icy-cold wonderland.

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