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Flooding in Thames Tunnel Leads to Eurostar Suspending All Services



Eurostar Suspending All Services
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Thousands of travelers faced major disruptions to their New Year plans as Eurostar, the renowned high-speed train service, was compelled to cancel all its trains on Saturday. This drastic measure was taken in response to severe flooding in a tunnel under the River Thames, leading to a complete suspension of high-speed services between London St Pancras International and Ebbsfleet International in Kent.

This situation has left a staggering number of passengers, upwards of 30,000, in a state of uncertainty and frustration, as they scramble to find alternative travel options or come to terms with missed holiday plans and celebrations. Among the affected are Nicole Carrera and her husband, Christopher, from New York, whose dream to spend New Year’s Eve at Disneyland Paris was shattered. “So obviously those plans are ruined because now we won’t get into Paris tomorrow until about 6 pm,” Nicole lamented, reflecting the plight of many.

The disruption began on Friday evening with several delays, and hopes of resuming services on Saturday were dashed as the day progressed. A video released by Southeastern Railway illustrated the gravity of the situation, showing water gushing into the tunnel, transforming the railway line into a canal, with steel tracks submerged and invisible.

St Pancras International reporting

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Eurostar, which operates services to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam, issued an apology for the inconvenience caused by these unforeseen issues but emphasized that safety remains their top priority. “We understand this is a vital time to get home at the end of the festive season and ahead of the new year, and we are supporting customers in stations,” a Eurostar spokesperson stated.

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The aftermath of the flooding has been chaotic, with passengers at St Pancras International reporting a sense of despair as they find themselves stranded or compelled to pay exorbitant rates for alternative modes of transportation. The situation is particularly challenging for those with young children or those burdened with heavy luggage from the festive period.

The flooding is a result of the tail effects of Storm Gerrit, which has been battering parts of the UK, leading to yellow weather warnings for wind, rain, and snow. The impact of the storm is evident, with the Met Office issuing warnings and Network Rail Scotland imposing speed restrictions on the West Highland line.

The Eurostar cancellation is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of even the most modern transportation systems to natural forces. As the situation evolves, affected passengers are advised to stay updated through Eurostar’s website regarding compensation and service resumption. Meanwhile, the travel community watches on, hoping for a swift resolution to this unexpected and challenging start to the new year.

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