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What usually are Molly Jong Fast Twitter Posts?



Molly Jong Fast Twitter Posts

Molly Jong fast is a famous novelist of America. She wrote two famous novels, Normal Girl and The Social Climber’s Handbook, and  Girl [Maladjusted]. She is a journalist and editor at an American news website, The Daily Beast. Her parents are Erica Jong and Jonathan Fast. She is the wife of Mathew Greenfield, a professor of the City University of New York. Her Twitter persona is well known among the audience. The hatred of Jong fast for Trump and The Republicans is not confidential. She opposes him in almost everything. Jong fast usually uses her Twitter account as a platform to convey her political views and ideas. She is an ardent supporter of LGBTA and feminism and played a lead role in women’s marches since Mr. Trump rejects feminism, so feminism is the root cause for Molly Jong fast to oppose Trumpism.


Why does Molly Jong-Fast use Twitter?

With the advancement in information and technology, the power of social media is tremendously increased. This increases the influence of public figures and social media influencers. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram open a new door, especially for political influencers. It is the fastest means to inform the public about any political incident.

Twitter is a pivotal platform as it helps analytics to gain information about public opinions and interests. It is one of the potential sources to gain more supporters of a political party. Twitter had played a crucial and decisive role in the elections of 2016, so the author Molly Jong decided to use her Twitter persona to play a role in politics as Twitter has a vast audience and can indeed affect society.

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Molly jong-fast Twitter Posts

Molly jong fast twitter posts cover several issues. In one of her tweets, she writes about political conditions, and in the following tweet, she posts about environmental issues. In this article, you can get a brief view of her tweets.

Political Tweets

Political Tweets

Molly Jong Fast is quite active in politics and shows her interest in country politics by arranging parties and dinners for politicians and members of Congress. So most of her posts are about the current political conditions of the United States. She often shows her malevolence for Trumpism in her tweets. It is one of the main reasons to become a social and political activist. In 2016 after the victory of Trump, Molly Jong was so angry because, according to her, Trump has groped her and many other females, and a rapist should not be a leader of her country. So she started using her writing skills on Twitter to reveal the true face of Trump.

The posts on Molly jong fast Twitter clearly show her inclination towards the Democratic Party and the current president of the United States, Joe Biden. She often can be seen posting in favour of Joe Biden and against Trump. Many women, including Jong fast, have accused him of rape, harassment, and sexual assault. All these women hate Trump and want him to be punished. Molly Jong once tweeted that Trump will ruin the country and will destroy the nation.

Now, she is considered a kingmaker in politics and is playing a leading role in political succession. She usually shares her concern about freedom of media and has stated in her Twitter posts that the Democrats’ establishment has withdrawn the freedom of media.

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On 6 Jan 2021, a mob caused a riot in Washington, D.C, on the call of Donald Trump to support his allegations of stolen elections. The speech of Trump acted like a fire for Trump supporters, and the crowd became violent and started an attack on the building. Molly Jong, on her Twitter persona, highlighted the whole incident.

Steve Bannon, the advisor of former President Donald Trump, was also a part of this campaign, and he even did not cooperate with the committee for investigation. Steve was also accused of fraud, and money laundering in an illegal scheme of We Build The Wall. In this project, it was promised to build a wall along the border of America with Mexico. Molly took this issue to Twitter by sharing her blog, “Democrats are ready to send Steve Bannon to jail”.

Tweets on pandemic

Tweets on pandemic

She has also started a campaign for Covid vaccination as people started blaming covid vaccination for the death of Collin Powell. Collin Powell was a politician and secretary of state, and security adviser who died on October 18, 2021, due to Covid-19 complications. His family stated that Collin was fully vaccinated, and thus a war started on social media questioning the effectiveness of vaccination. Joe Biden makes a law known as Vaccine Mandate, and it is compulsory for working, travelling, and several other things to get yourself vaccinated.

Many activists started anti-vaccine propaganda that has impacted the vaccination process, and many people began resigning instead of being vaccinated. People even protested against the New York Times for covering vaccine mandates. On the other hand, Molly Jong shares her confidence in the vaccine by saying that Collin Powell was a patient of blood cancer, and it had decreased his immunity to fight a disease, so the case of Collin Powell was quite different. In this way, the socialist Molly Jong-Fast successfully pleaded and supported vaccination on Twitter and motivated people to get vaccinated without doubting its efficacy.

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Tweets on Environmental Issues

Tweets on Environmental Issues

Molly Jong-Fast is quite sensitive to the United States and shows her concern by highlighting national issues, for example, Extreme climate changes. Climate change has become a national warning for the United States. Greenhouse Gas emission and level of carbon dioxide is highest in the United States and causes elevation of temperature and changes in rainfall pattern.

Researchers have warned the authorities about the dangers of floods, droughts and they should take essential measures to prevent the risks of global warming. The emission of several gases such as carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, methane, and nitrogen oxide has been increased to dangerous levels over recent years. Molly Jong says that authorities of the United States should take specific measures in technology and industries to prevent global warming. These gases make a shield-like greenhouse in the atmosphere and trap the heat and thus affecting temperature and other factors.

The Bottom Line

The novelist Molly Jong-Fast earned fame as an author like her mother and molded her according to the requirements of social media into a blogger and social media activist. Her Twitter posts cover almost all the essential aspects of the United States, especially her influence on politics is unquestionable. She knows exactly how to use her talent of writing to influence and change the lives of people. In the future, the influence of molly jong-fast Twitter posts on the country and politics is expected to increase.

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