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How to Assign Staff in Game Dev Tycoon Guide?



Game Dev Tycoon Guide

Online Gaming culture is prevailing like crazy because the digital world is the new face of our entertainment industry. Like movies, series, and cartoons; there are multiple categories of games: arcade, action, detective, funky, racing, realistic, stimulation, or puzzle games. One of the most popular online video games played worldwide is game dev tycoon that has millions of fans all around the world. Greenheart Games, being the developer of this single-player game, launched it back in 2012.

Owing to its massive popularity, the developers keep this game updated. They keep on adding multiple features to spice up its impact. As a result, this business simulation game has become more challenging. To address this concern of millions of players, a game dev tycoon genre guide is provided. In this way, whether you are a beginner or intermediate level player of this game, you can surpass greater blockages.


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If you are looking forward to mastering the game dev tycoon, stay connected with the writeup and explore amazing knowledge related to the same. You will get a comprehensive overview of hiring new members in the game, assigning roles to them, attributes and effects, and training staff to achieve the degree of specialization. The endpoint would be 10-star ratings.

Hiring new staff in Game Dev Tycoon

When you’re out of the garage, or more specifically in the office, the first thing you should do to hire new staff or workers is press the “Fill Position” button. The budget can be changed based on how much you want to spend on possible employees. What exactly are you looking forward to? Is it the style, the technology, or both? Using filters, you can choose. The size of the benefits you will get from this will directly affect how much you will have to spend.

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When it’s time to hire new staff, you can use a total of three factors or criteria. This is a showreel, an algorithm, and a demo of a game. These factors help the candidates make a big difference in how skill points are given out.

So, if you hire a new person and think about the training needs, you can turn him into a specialist.

Specialization Hiring criterion Design Tech Ratio
Engine Algorithms 180 720 1:4
Quests Showreel 180 180 4:1
Gameplay Showreel 720 180 4:1
Dialogues Showreel 810 90 9:1
World Design Demo 540 360 3:2
AI Algorithms 180 720 1:4
Graphic Demo 450 450 1:1
Sound Demo 540 360 3:2
Level Design Demo 360 540 2:3

Assigning staff in Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon is the result of work in a number of different areas. After you hire people, you train them. Once the members have been taught, you can put them through a specialization process that gives them certain high-performing skills and, in the end, makes them more valuable and effective in the game. Each person is an expert in a certain area. Each person of staff needs to have 900 points and skills in technology and design in order to specialize. When a person specializes, they become much more valuable in the game.

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Attributes and Effects of Employees


It boosts the number of tech bubbles.


It boosts the number of research bubbles.


Proceeding towards higher levels ultimately leads to specialization.


It boosts the processes of regeneration and bug fixing.

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It enhances the number of design bubbles.

For each role or task in multiple fields, employees or members are used, with every employee holding a capacity of taking up nine fields. Their use and rate depend on the game size of each member. They must not be overloaded with excessive workload in the form of assignments as the quality of their work would be compromised. Moreover, it reduces the number of points in Technology and Design. For good performance in the form of management, a 30 percent bonus is awarded to each worker. The review score remains the same.

It is mandatory to pick the right person for a job to yield a higher number of tech points. If you balance the skills and specialties of your members as required for the genre, there are more chances for you to perform well. Assign one staff member to one specialization so the quality can be maintained.

Getting successful in Game Dev Tycoon guide

In order to be a good Game Dev Tycoon player, you have to be sure that two games in a row don’t have the same type. Put a certain amount of time between games. It means that you shouldn’t rush to play another game as soon as the first one is over. For a game dev tycoon to be successful, our genre guide would say that it needs more highly trained staff, better design, and faster speed. To make your game more likely to be a success as a whole, the audience, genre, topic, and game system as a whole must all fit together.

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Do not grow bigger in the next year (at least 40 weeks). You would fail badly because of it. Don’t try to get investment, because it’s a scam and you should turn it down. If you want to make a AAA game, make sure you have a 3D V6. To reach this milestone, it’s also important for everyone to have the right skills.

Specialized Training in Game Dev Tycoon guide

There are different types of technology and design in the game. In order to specialize, these stages should be met. For specialization, each member must have 5 million credit points and 200 study points. The staff must have a level of at least seven or better. For a genre, it takes two experts in AI and graphics to get scores as high as 10. In this way, you can get a score that is the same as a 10.


If you think about the advice in this piece, you will get a lot out of playing Game Dev Tycoon. Use as many of the tips in this Game Dev Tycoon guide as you can to give yourself an edge. This will make it easier for you to get better ratings.

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