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A Guide to Sourcing the Best Health Insurance



Best Health Insurance

Let’s face it, no one should take their good health for granted; all it takes is a slip or a fall to put you in a precarious situation, then there’s the risk of catching a virus, especially during these troubling times. Health insurance is an absolute must and you can actually tailor the policy to suit your lifestyle, which is amazing. Some people only want emergency cover, while others prefer comprehensive health insurance that even covers outpatient visits, so there’s a policy to suit everyone.


Google is your best friend

When looking for the perfect health insurance policy, Google is the best starting point, giving you a long list of URLs to browse through. It isn’t a question of finding the lowest premium, you also want the best coverage for your money, plus an insurer that handles claims promptly. Take your time reading about the various policies, such as:

  • Family insurance – Special policies that include all family members.
  • Executive & business owner cover – This is ideal for the executive or freelance digital nomad.
  • Single person cover – If you’re young and single, why pay more?
  • Foreign travel cover – When abroad, either for business or pleasure, you can take out suitable insurance.

If you find what you are looking for, then do a little online research on the insurer to ensure that they are reliable and trustworthy. Here are 7 ways to boost your immune system.

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Year-round Cover

Unlike travel insurance, which is needed for a short time, health insurance should be ongoing and renewed annually, as this will give you and your family full health insurance cover 24/7. If you currently have health insurance, you can compare the cover and the premiums and perhaps save some money.

Additional Services

Some health insurance providers offer free 24/7 medical support when you can actually speak to a health professional and this service is free of charge. Imagine having your own personal physician on call around the clock, what could be better than that?

Online Policy Transfer

Should you ever need medical treatment, you can ask your health insurer to send a digital copy of your policy, giving you immediate cover, with nothing to pay. A large insurance company would have a global network of hospitals and clinics, which means you get the care and attention you need when you need it. In the event of an emergency, the last thing you need is for the hospital to be unable to verify your health insurance; which can be avoided if you use the right insurer. Most insurers have their own mobile app and this helps you when you need medical attention; simply bring up your digital policy certificate for the hospital admin to see.

Care Plans

The online health insurance provider has a wide range of care plans, such as:

  • Personal care plan
  • Beyond personal care plan
  • Platinum +
  • Ultra-care plan
  • Long stay visa plan

Each plan is unique and you get to choose the limits of cover, which is great. Once everything is agreed, a secure online payment gives you instant cover and you will worry no longer.

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Comparing Cover & Premiums

Thanks to search engines, we can easily compare health insurance cover & premiums, making sure that we get the best cover for the lowest cost. Most health insurance companies would have a lot of customer testimonials on their website, which is more than a little comforting.

If you are planning a holiday in Thailand, make sure that you take out adequate health insurance before you arrive. We tend to be complacent when on holiday and the last thing you need is a heavy hospital bill when enjoying a holiday in a foreign country.

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