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Top 7 Best High-Quality Link Building Techniques In 2021



Link building is a part of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. In order to get a high rank on search engines or Google, it is really important to use the benefits of backlinks. The crawlers or spiders of search engines check the backlinks of your page. Here we will tell you about some techniques to develop high-quality link building in 2021. In case you are unable to perform then, you can reach blogger outreach services at any point.


Top 7 High-Quality Link Building Techniques In 2021

Here are the 7 best link-building techniques for 2021. Try them and see the difference in your search engine ranking.

1.   Become a Resource for Bloggers and Reporters

It is too simple. In case you want to rank on the first page of the search engine or google, you need to build backlinks from high-authority blogs and news sites. And it means white hat backlinks from authority blogs and news sites. And this is not as hard as it sounds. There is a free service called HARO or Help A Reporter Out.

Become a Resource for Bloggers

Have you heard of Tinder? Yes, the dating app. HARO is similar to Tinder, but it is for public relations. HARO connects people who are in need of sources, such as journalists and bloggers, with those who want links and exposures, just like you. This strategy does work, but the thing is, it is not always easy.

2.   Publish more “Skyscrapper” Content

Use more Skyscraper content is another link-building technique that is performing well in 2021. But the main question is that how you will do this? Here is a step-by-step guide for that.

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Publish more Content

  • First, all you will need to do is finding a piece of content that has already performed well in the search engine in terms of links. Make sure it belongs to your industry. And for that, you can simply do a Google search with the proper keyword. You can consider the results of the first page.
  • In the next step, you need to create a much better or 5 to 10 times more quality content than what you have just found.
  • And on the final step, you need to promote your Skyscraper content.

It is true that Skyscraper content puts you far ahead, but you need to promote it in a proper way.

3.   Use Outdated Resources for Building Links

Here you need to use “The Moving Man Method.” And for that, first, you need to find websites from your own industry, which have

  • Moved to a new URL.
  • Changes names.
  • Shut down.
  • Stopped offering a service.
  • Stopped updating a resource.

update outdated links

Once you are done with this, your next responsibility is to find websites that are still linking to the old or outdated URL. for that, all you have to do is take the outdated URL and paste it to your backlink checking tool. You will get addresses of some websites that you can work on.

And lastly, you need to reach to them and get your links. Just head up about their outdated link and kindly ask for your links.

4.   Use Links Generating Content Format

A study says that around 75% of online content gets zero links. Yeah, this is bad news, but here is a piece of good news as well. There are certain types of content that have links. Here you need to be a bit more conscious about the content format that you are performing.

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For now, you can consider these content formats,

  • Quizzes
  • Listing
  • “How to” posts.
  • “Why” posts.
  • Videos
  • Infographics

As per studies, it has been seen that listing content has a consistent record of getting more links. But that does not mean that you need to work only on listing or infographic pieces of content. Apart from that, your content has to be of good quality. But these are the formats that are proven to perform well when it comes to backlinks.

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5.   Publish Ultimate Guides

It is clear that for ranking high on Google, you need to build a lot of high-quality backlinks. But the question is, how can you get other websites to link to you actually. The answer is “Ultimate Guides.” here, absolute guides work like magnets. A comprehensive guide contains a lot of content on a single page. And it is also seen that long-form content performs much better than short-form content on Google. The ultimate goal is to cover the entire topic on a single page. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating an ultimate guide.

  • First, you need to select a popular on-demand topic that is not covered in detail.
  • The next step will be outlining your ultimate guide.
  • Now write your ultimate guide without afraid of covering everything about the topic.

6.   Use Branded Techniques and Strategies

When you are giving a name to the technique, it increases the chances of link building. Whenever the name will be used, it will use your link with it. This is definitely a good technique of backlinking. Naming a strategy is another effective way of link building. But you need to make sure that you are doing it the right way. Opportunities to draw in with potential clients are valuable. On the off chance that your image methodology is distinctive on various channels, individuals will not have the option to interpret what is the issue here.

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Branded Techniques and Strategies

Brand marketing requires predictable informing. What’s more, creating a steady message requires keeping your channels blended. That implies your site, sure, yet additionally, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, and that’s just the beginning.

Here is a step-by-step guide to brand techniques and strategies.

  • First, you need to develop a unique strategy or tactics. Well, it may sound hard, but it is not in actuality.
  • After that, you need to give your unique strategy a name. Try to use a relevant name. Not be the most unique one.
  • Now, publish the name as a part of a blog or article. However, the form of a blog post will be the most appropriate one.

7.   Authority Resource Pages

If you are a link builder, well, resource pages will definitely be your dream. In case you do not know the reason. Here is the answer to the particular question that is wandering in your head. And that is, those pages exist solely to link out to other websites.

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for you.

  • The first thing that you need to do is find a resource page for Resource Page Link Building.
  • After that, try to reach and nicely ask for a link.

The job is not that easy but at the same time, not that much difficult to do.

Final Tips

As now you get the idea of the top 7 strategies of high-quality link building, you can try them as soon as possible. All these tactics and tried and tested. It has been seen that they all have the potential to improve your Google ranking. A legitimate Link building technique with a connection procuring approach will consistently give you better outcomes regarding SERP position and traffic.

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