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Time to Hire Security Guards for Your Organization? Here’s What You Need to Know



Hire Security Guards

For many entrepreneurs and managers, thoughts about the physical security of themselves, their team, and their stock or other items don’t make the top of the list when there are things like profits, sales numbers, marketing, product launches, customer service, and so many other tasks to consider.

However, you may have come to a time in your organization’s operations where you think there’s a need for some hired professional protection from external threats. Whether you need to secure valuable inventory, you’ve been getting death threats, or other factors are at play, it’s good to learn the lowdown on hiring security guards if you think this might be something you need.


Reasons Why You Might Need to Hire Guards and the Benefits of Doing So

Businesses hire security guards every day for all sorts of reasons. These specialized officers can keep possessions, premises, staff, and customers safe. They often become necessary once a venture’s operations expand to the point where offices, warehouses, etc., are too large to protect adequately without additional help, or the value of items stored on-site becomes so high that the business becomes more of a target.

Security guarding services are often necessary to keep CEOs, other leaders, and employees safe if there have been threats made on employees’ or owners’ lives for some reason, such as from a disgruntled ex-worker or a customer. They may be brought in if people’s knowledge about something they work on makes them more vulnerable to the threat of kidnapping or other attacks, too.

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Some companies hire security guards when there are concerns about the safety of the workplace, if it’s in a location where the neighborhood has gone downhill, or if there’s a volatile situation like a sudden riot, war, terrorist threat, or other potential disaster. On the other hand, it could be necessary to carefully guard intellectual property, product samples, and the like. Security guards may be hired to ensure employees, external contractors, customers, or anyone else who enters business premisessigns in and gets checked on the way out to ensure they’re not stealing knowledge or prototypes, etc.

Security services might also patrol staff parking lots and other areas to reduce issues. Also, if an organization has previously handled its own security in-house but the business is growing too quickly, and personnel can no longer adequately keep up with all security tasks, third-party guards might get brought in to help.

How Security Guards Can Help

You can hire security guards to take care of a single task for you or multiple ones. For example, these external service providers might takeover jobs such as hiring, training, scheduling, and managing new on-site security workers, run background checks on potential new hires in any department, and update and purchase security equipment. They might also handle security-related planning and preparation.

Many businesses hire guards to patrol the perimeters of premises or station themselves at entrances and exits to check identification and screen people or simply act as a deterrent to anyone with nefarious aims, such as theft. Security guards often work at events such as conferences or big product launches or monitor valuable goods and equipment that would otherwise be left unattended, such as on a construction site.

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Another service that security guards are helpful for is providing damage control. If a company has had a security breach, guards can come in and help regain control of the space, deal with the police, and work to minimize the fallout of the problem. On the other hand, you may want to hire specialists to investigate where your business is most vulnerable, provide suggestions on how to plan for and prevent problems, and continue to identify new threats as they arise.

Factors to Consider When Checking Out Your Options

Different security firms offer different solutions to their customers, so when you’re looking to hire experts, check if the companies on your shortlist can do all the tasks you want help with. Some are well versed in many security factors, while others might specialize in one area.

Before signing an agreement with a security guard firm, get references from past or current clients who have used their services before and check out online reviews and testimonials for further research. Also, ask about the licenses, skills, and experience staff have and which particular guards will be assigned to your company. It’s wise to interview these people to see if you feel confident in their security abilities and communication skills.

Check, too, if guards get regular training updates, if the service provider can scale over time as your business grows and needs additional or different assistance, and if there are additional fees you should know about before finalizing things.

Hiring security contractors for your business can feel a little daunting at first, but by considering all the factors above, you should soon find the best options for your needs and breathe easier as a result.

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