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Hit Films with an Even Better Game



Hit Films

Finding a film that has a great sequel is like the holy grail of movies. But what about movies that had a great game follow-up?

Movies often make millions in the cinema, and once there is a big enough following, the next step in expanding the empire is usually a game. But getting a game right, ensuring it has all of the parts to make it enjoyable, and give fans what they want isn’t an easy task.

We have recently been treated to a crossover in the opposite direction with The Witcher. Originally a short story, it morphed into a world-renowned game and then a successful show on Netflix.

There have also been a few flops; the Stranger Things series was developed into a game and didn’t reach the same popularity as the show. But there are a few exceptions to the rule, and the games have been just as enjoyable as the movies – if not more so.


The Tron movie was interesting to look at and had some great graphics – but overall, the film just didn’t hit the mark. Yet, the movie had all the markers of what a great game could be—incredible-looking motorbikes, reminiscent of retro two-player games.

What makes Tron interesting is that it feels like an arcade classic. The style, colors, and even the gameplay. The biggest problem is that you might struggle to find it in arcade form. The later release in 2003, Tron 2.0 is a first-person shooter for the PC – a great place to start.

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The movie was a smash-hit. Bringing graphics that many people hadn’t experienced before. You can play Jumanji in a few different ways.

It’s available on the PS4, based on the 2017 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle movie. This game was based on the latest installment of the franchise, rather than the original, made famous by the brilliant Robin Williams.

If the sound of the drums means you just need to play Jumanji, then it can be found among the casino games. The graphics, animation, and sound are all an impressive standard – you’ll really feel like you’re in the jungle as you spin the reels. So go ahead and throw the dice, but remember – once you roll there’s no turning back!


Both the movie and the game are absolute classics. The original N64 game is one of the best shooters, with the most nostalgia attached to it.

The game was released in 1997, and it was based on the 1995 movie James Bond GoldenEye. The first-person game is an action-packed adventure and focuses heavily on watching and waiting. Other shooters can often grab a machine gun and spray the room. GoldenEye forces you to play smart.

You have 18 levels and multiple guns to get you through but expect the Russian Guards to spot you a few times. As a multiplayer, you have plenty of characters, weapons, and environments to choose from. You can switch to You Only Live Twice mode and get two deaths per game.

You can turn it up a notch with the Golden Gun, which was a one-shot kill. This does make you the most dangerous person in the multiplayer match – if you can aim.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Deadpool issue aside, the movie didn’t get the acclaim that you might expect from the X-Man franchise.

The overall feeling was that the movie could’ve been better. The game, on the other hand, is highly rated – and a lot of fun. Since you’re playing as Wolverine, you are in charge of those huge claws, so the game has a mature rating.

Much of the movie is about how Wolverine feels about things, and that comes through in the game as you progress. The game holds tight to the movie plotline and delivers enjoyable gameplay.

Alien: Isolation

The alien movies are already a cult classic, but the games take the experience to a new level. They were offering a more immersive experience with a highly atmospheric game.

Alien: Isolation focuses on being alone and hunted. You are playing as Ripley’s daughter. It holds true to the movies, as you aren’t there to go shooting aliens. Instead, you are meant to sneak and finesse your way around the ship without being spotted.

If you do encounter the Xenomorph (and you will), it will get your pulse racing.

Jurassic World Evolution

The Jurassic films got progressively worse, but the games are still very cool. Jurassic World Evolution isn’t what you might expect either.

As you play, you will need to run across five different islands and enjoy some top-notch roaring dinosaurs as you go. Although there has been some criticism for the name – since there isn’t any evolution in it, the simulation itself is fun.

You unlock new species as the game progresses and keep the business running. While not the most innovative simulation game, it is a great play – and a lot better than the movie.

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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

The main character should be a brutal and aggressive lead, but the movies failed to make him into the titan he should be.

The games, however, put his real nature into the spotlight. He’s not a hero, but he isn’t without morals either. So as a character, he is fun to play because you have the reputation of being rude. It has the same feel as Batman: Arkham, hiding in shadows combined with fast and aggressive fighting.

You are there, as Riddick, to take out those that are worse men than you. The movie left a lot to be desired when it came to the Riddick character, and the games went some way to redeeming this stone old character. While some of the leads of the movies didn’t capture the true spirit of their personalities, the games have gained ground and delivered what the fans expected.

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