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Hosting A Virtual Casino Night At Home



Virtual Casino Night

Sometimes getting out of the house is not an option, especially if you have COVID-19, an autoimmune disease, or other conditions which keep you home. If you have any of these, or other conditions, keeping you home, it is vital to plan a fun night at home; that is where Zoom comes in handy.

Plan a virtual casino night in the comfort of your own home using Zoom. Below are some tips on hosting your virtual casino night at home via Zoom. It might even be possible to incorporate into your virtual casino night experience.


Set the Scene

Hosting a virtual casino night is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends without the need to get together.

Meeting virtually allows for a more enjoyable opportunity because all guests are in the comfort of their own homes, and since no one needs to drive, there is no need for one person to be the designated driver. Virtual casino nights also make it possible to enjoy a night of interactive fun with friends and family worldwide.

To help set the scene for your virtual casino night, find a place where you intend to set up the computer and camera. Then, get in the mood and promote the casino vibe by setting up a backdrop with items such as a casino table, roulette wheel, and other casino-themed decorations.

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Background music and casino-themed lights help add to the mood and set the stage for hosting a fun, exciting virtual casino night.

Plan Drinks and Appetizers

Next, you want to plan out your food and beverages. This stage of planning a virtual casino night is often overlooked because there is no need to provide food and drinks for people who will not physically be there.

Instead, make a suggested menu and encourage all guests to make up their appetizers and beverages to enjoy together during the evening’s events.

Set the Dress Code

Though the purpose of hosting a virtual casino night is to allow everyone to be comfortable in their homes, it is still possible to set a dress code for the evening. If desired, let guests know you want them to dress up and state what you want everyone to wear.

Just be prepared; your guests will only meet the dress code from the waist up, and many might still appear in their pajamas. So one thought might be to set a fun dress code having everyone show up virtually in their pajamas for a PJ party casino night.

Write up a Guest List

Creating a virtual guest list for your upcoming casino night can help give your event an “exclusive” feel. Of course, you might feel inclined to invite everyone you know, but it is best to keep invitations limited to those who will enjoy the virtual event and help make the evening magical.

Once the guest list is complete, send out virtual announcements, or handwritten party invitations, letting your guests know how much you value and look forward to participating in your upcoming casino night.

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Hire a Professional

Professionals can help provide virtual casino nights with regulation-style games, know how to keep the party going, and take some pressure off the host. Plus, the hired professional can help explain the rules of the games in a way all guests will understand.

Winner! Winner! Plan for Prizes

Don’t forget to have prizes for the winners of your casino night. Some people plan ahead of time and prepare fun prizes to mail out to winners, while others use gift cards that can be sent electronically to the winners to enjoy immediately.

Have Fun and Enjoy

Your casino night is here, and it is time to kick back and enjoy. Take time to chat with everyone, discuss how the night will go, and have fun participating in many games and activities.

It is finally time to enjoy the results of your hard work and effort in setting up a fun virtual casino night with friends, family, or co-workers.

Of course, the post-pandemic world is starting to get back to the daily routine of getting out of the house; however, people have realized they can do so much from home, including enjoying time with family and friends.

So make plans to host a virtual casino night using Zoom to maximize your experience and gather with friends and family who may not have seen one another for several months (or longer).

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